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Salvage Car Facts Debunked! Top 4 Misconceptions About Salvage Title Car

By Daisy Emah-Emah Posted: 05/11/2022

Buying a new vehicle can be super expensive, leading many people to look for other options like used vehicles. To save money further – people started looking to buy a salvage title car.


Salvage vehicles come in a variety of conditions – from major to minor damages. Some may be easy to repair while others may need more work put into the restoration process. 

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It is important to note that a salvage title car is not entirely useless but presents the best opportunity for you to save. They are often low priced even after repairs you’ll end up spending less than a clean title of the same vehicle. 

Even though salvage cars are huge savers, there are still misunderstood facts about salvage cars. Many people shy away from them because of these misconceptions and are often seen in a negative light.


These misunderstandings prevent people from taking advantage of the benefits salvage cars offer. No need to be wary of salvage cars and seize this money-saving opportunity. 


Read on as we debunk some misunderstood facts about salvage title cars.

1. All Salvage Cars are Critically Damaged/Totaled

This is one of the most common misconceptions about salvage vehicles. But contrary to popular belief, not all salvage title cars are seriously damaged, wrecked, or totaled. Some salvage title cars suffer minor or little damage. 


A vehicle is slammed with a salvage title by an insurance company when the cost of fixing is higher than the value of the car. Sometimes in an attempt to settle an insurance claim, newer vehicles may be salvaged. 


In some US states, minor cosmetic damages that are easily fixed in a body shop or by replacing the damaged lights or fenders or benders may also be designated as a Salvage vehicle.


Looking closely at the extent of damage from pictures or inspections can help you confirm that it isn’t totaled. 


2. Salvage Cars Cannot Be Restored

This is a common misconception when it comes to salvage vehicles. Many people believe that salvage cars are damaged beyond restoration, making them apprehensive about buying. Depending on the level of damage and necessary planning, restoration can be a walk in the park. 



Restoring salvage cars can be a rewarding process especially if you like getting your hands dirty and fixing parts. If this isn’t your forte – you can have a mechanic do the fixing for you. You can get the necessary parts to replace from an auto store or have your mechanic recommend the right ones for you. 


Obviously, salvage title cars are the ideal project cars and after some restoration and routine maintenance, the outcome can be very rewarding for you and your pocket.


3. Salvage Cars Cost a Lot of Money to Repair

Another misconception is that you will have to break the bank to repair your salvage car. However, not all salvage title cars have major damages that will cost so much to repair. In some cases, all the vehicle needs are basic or inexpensive repairs. Also, auto parts for replacement are affordable if you know where to get them. 



You can save costs further by restoring your salvage vehicle yourself – if you have a flair for fixing things. You can ask a mechanic to recommend replacement parts for trustworthy auto stores.  


If you prefer, you can source used car parts that will be of good quality and also help you save on the cost of new ones. Scrap yards are a great place to source used parts in the US. In countries like Nigeria, the popular Ladipo spare parts market is a treasure trove for restoring your salvage title/damaged vehicles.


4. Salvage Cars Cannot Be Insured

Getting your salvage title car insured is not entirely impossible although it’s more limited than brand new vehicles. Some insurance companies offer liability insurance on salvage title cars that pass inspection. Depending on the state and condition of your vehicle or the insurance company, you may get collision coverage and not comprehensive coverage. 


Is it Worth Getting a Salvage Title Car?

If you’re still trying to figure out if a salvage title car is the best choice for you – fret not. Salvage cars are huge savers and you can land great deals on your vehicle.

There are many other benefits of buying a salvage car. Aside from them being big on saving you money, you have a variety to choose from. The inventory for Salvage title cars is unlimited.

There are also some salvaged cars that require little repairs to get the vehicle back on the road. So you end up spending less money to get it fixed up. Also, if you are looking for a new project, salvaging spare parts, or looking to flip cars for profit – salvage cars are for you. 


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How Do I Get Started?

Getting your own salvage car is easy peasy!


All you have to do is sign up on an online auction site that gives you access to auctioned salvage cars across the country. There are tons of websites to choose from – like Auto Auction Mall, Copart, IAAI, etc. 


Unlike Copart and IAAI, Auto Auction Mall is not closed to the public. You can access and bid on any vehicle on the Auto Auction Mall website – No license is required!


All you have to do is sign up on the website for free and search for the vehicle of your choice. Make an initial deposit of $600 or 10% of the maximum bid amount to be eligible to bid. Once you’ve won a car, the deposit is applied to your purchase, and you make up the full payment minus the deposit.  


Auto Auction Mall has an available support team to answer any questions and support you throughout the entire buying process. They will advise on estimates, the best location, and the condition of the vehicle you should go for.


Sign up to get started today!