Buffalo Bayou Park: Your Gateway to Houston’s Online Car Auctions

By Auto Auction Mall Team Updated: 08/15/2023 Posted: 08/14/2023

Located west of downtown Houston, this sinuous 160-acre urban park winds along Buffalo Bayou and offers sweeping views of the city skyline. It’s a popular spot for exercise, contemplation, and public art displays.

Whether you’re here for the hike-and-bike trails, the wildlife, or the art exhibits, this park has something to offer everyone!

Explore the Bayou

The park’s design is built with water in mind-both floods and droughts. After Hurricane Harvey dropped 27 trillion gallons of rain, the park’s west end was roiling with floodwaters that engulfed paved paths, lawns, and picnic shelters.

The bayou’s natural meanders are preserved, and planting strategies reduce mowed turf, promote wildlife habitat, and introduce a diversity of native species to the landscape. Trails, bridges, and lighting are designed to withstand flooding when it occurs.

Visitors can also explore the Cistern, a 1920s-era drinking water reservoir that was decommissioned after a leak was discovered. Every night, a colony of thousands of Mexican free-tailed bats takes to the skies from their roost beneath the Waugh Drive bridge. Tours are available to see this impressive spectacle. The park is open daily and lighted areas are open from 6 PM to 11 PM.

Hike the Trails

A stroll through the 160-acre park’s hiking trails will leave you simultaneously relaxed and energized. Stroll, jog or bike along the paved paths as you pass through beautiful nature scenes and gorgeous views of Houston’s skyline.

Designed to withstand floodwaters and restore the natural meanders of Buffalo Bayou, the trail system offers increased resiliency for the river and its communities. Throughout the park, native plantings and a reduction in mowed grass replace invasive species and offer a more sustainable landscape.

Check out the thought-provoking public art dotted around the park and enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants and bars nearby on Washington Ave. Then, stroll toward Waugh Drive Bridge for a breathtaking view of the bats as they emerge for sunset. (This is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Go for a Boat Tour

A snaking, sinuous urban green space extending west of downtown Houston, Buffalo Bayou Park offers sweeping views of the city skyline and diverse areas for exercise, contemplation, and art exhibits. This 160-acre linear park, featuring a riverwalk, public art, and bike trails, is popular with locals seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle of city life.

The non-profit Buffalo Bayou Partnership, dedicated to transforming and maintaining the area’s most significant natural resource, brings vitality to the park through events, bike and walking trails, volunteer opportunities, public art, and a variety of tours. These include the relaunched Spirit of the Bayou boat tour that cruises past notable locales like Allen’s Landing, Sesquicentennial Park, and the McKee Street Bridge.

Visit the Cistern

A cavernous relic buried beneath the park, the Cistern once served as a drinking water reservoir for Houston until it developed an irreparable leak in 2007. The city scheduled its demolition, but the Buffalo Bayou Partnership recognized the architectural significance of this unique space and turned it into a public gathering place.

You don’t have to descend a shaft these days. Instead, double doors along Sabine Street open to a tunnel that leads into this remarkable space with vast columns and a 17-second echo.

To fully appreciate the acoustics of this unique underground space, book a guided tour of the Cistern. (Free tours are offered Thursdays; other days cost $5 per person.) The cistern also hosts art installations, including the thought-provoking Down Periscope project.

Enjoy the Views

With breathtaking views of downtown Houston and lush natural landscapes, Buffalo Bayou Park is the perfect place to relax and explore. Whether you are looking for a bike ride, jog, or boat tour, the park offers plenty of options to keep you entertained.

Take in the city skyline from a different perspective on a guided tour of the Water Works Cistern. This spectacular underground cistern once supplied drinking water to the city before being decommissioned due to a leak in 2007. Today, it hosts history tours and sound baths for a unique experience.

This scenic urban oasis is a must-see for any local or visitor. Explore everything the park has to offer and be sure to check out the amazing bat colony! Half Day in Houston: Play, Eat, and Explore Buffalo Bayou Park

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Buffalo Bayou Park winds through the heart of Houston, offering 160 acres of natural beauty and recreation. Visitors stroll the trails, picnic in the open fields, and enjoy concerts with skyline views.

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