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This non-profit urban nature sanctuary offers education about the natural environment to Houstonians of all ages. It plays a critical role in protecting native plants and animals in the heart of a city where development threatens their survival.

Visitors can walk five miles of nature trails, free of charge. Children gain in-depth knowledge leading to a lifelong appreciation of the scientific & natural world through week-long Discovery Classes.

Outdoor Activities

A vast 155-acre urban nature sanctuary, Houston Arboretum & Nature Center offers plenty of ways to get outdoors and learn something new. The nonprofit aims to inspire people to connect with nature and understand its role in the city’s landscape. The park is also home to a plethora of events for all ages. If you want to learn about local plants and wildlife, there are guided hikes around the trails. Or, you can take a class on topics ranging from gardening to bird-watching.

For families, there are stroller-friendly Tyke Hikes for kids and a Discovery Room filled with hands-on activities. The park’s nature-focused summer and school break camps are popular with children. And, groups can volunteer to help maintain the park’s trails and other projects.

With ponds, wetlands, and prairie habitats, the 155-acre nature park is a great place to observe wildlife. Plus, Buffalo Bayou borders the park on the south side. A new state-of-the-art Nature Playscape is in the works, along with new trails and a remodeled Nature Center.

Educational Programs

Located on the western edge of Memorial Park, this 155-acre non-profit urban nature sanctuary provides education about native plants and animals to Houstonians. The site is open to the public, and its five miles of nature trails are free to walk. Educators can plan on-site or virtual field trips, and students of all ages gain in-depth knowledge leading to a lifelong appreciation of the natural environment through week-long Discovery Classes. Other educational programming includes Tyke Hikes, winter camp, and animal ambassadors.

Arboretum Naturalists are available to give presentations at libraries, schools, and community organizations. They also lead habitat hikes and present at conferences. If you are a bird lover, consider participating in a Birding 101 class or learning how to plant a garden that attracts birds. There is a wide variety of classes for adults, too, including photography, soy candle making, and songwriting in nature.

Special Events

In addition to classes, birding walks, and group hikes, the 155-acre park offers special programs designed just for families. During Naturally Wild Families, naturalists lead activities that are fun and educational like building hummingbird feeders or netting butterflies. Alternatively, head to the Discovery Room for a self-guided tour with interactive exhibits and games.

Five miles of nature trails wind through prairie, savanna, wetlands, and woodland habitats. Download a trail map from the Arboretum’s website or pick one up at the Nature Center. For an enhanced experience, listen to the curated playlists paired with each habitat hike or browse the online shop for educational toys and books.

The Arboretum holds fundraisers throughout the year that support its education and conservation mission. Events include the Alfresco Gala, a wine and cheese walk, monthly blood drives, and educational events focused on a single species of animal. The Arboretum also hosts weddings with a beautiful forest backdrop in Memorial Park.

Admission Prices

Located within Memorial Park, the non-profit Houston Arboretum is a place to relax, take in nature and learn about the plants and wildlife that inhabit this 155-acre space. It features five miles of natural trails that weave through forest, meadow, and pond habitats.

The Nature Center building is home to the Discovery Room, a nature shop, and classrooms for learning. There are also several unique gardens, including the Sensory Garden with its smell-rich flora, Hummingbird and Butterfly Island, and the Wildlife Garden which houses reptiles and migratory birds.

The Arboretum offers educational programs, field trips, and private tours for visitors of all ages as well as volunteer opportunities and facility rentals. Its amenities include the five-mile trail system, six educational Field Stations along the trails, a new Administration Building and Conservation Center, and additional prairie and savanna landscapes. Additionally, two new ponds and a state-of-the-art Nature Playscape will be completed in 2020. Parking is free for visitors and the Arboretum has two lots, one on Woodway and a recently built 610 entrance. Carpooling is encouraged.

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The Houston Arboretum & Nature Center is a 155-acre oasis with lush forests, tranquil ponds, and over 5 miles of nature trails. Families enjoy exploring diverse ecosystems and spotting wildlife like birds, turtles, and butterflies. This urban escape reconnects visitors with the serenity of nature.

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