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Houston Zoo is both a conservation place for animals and an educational resource for its guests. They provide information on animal conservation in their exhibits, but also through their educator workshops, Collegiate Conservation Program, and camps.

Educational Programs

Education is one of the most important ways that the Zoo promotes animal conservation. This is done by providing easy-to-understand information about the animals and the actions that can be taken to protect them. They also offer educational programs for various audiences, including educator workshops and the Collegiate Conservation Program.

These programs inspire and educate people to take action on behalf of wildlife. This is accomplished by utilizing engaging teaching strategies and best practices. In addition, these programs are designed to encourage a culture of teamwork and collaboration to meet the Zoo’s mission.

This program enables students to connect with the natural world by building wildlife-friendly spaces. This can be done by planting native plants, creating birdhouses or feeders, and other actions that allow wildlife to live safely in the community. The program also helps students develop and practice skills to identify local wildlife in their communities, as well as form connections with other school partners in the Houston area.

Conservation Programs

When you visit the Zoo, a portion of your ticket helps to save animals in the wild. You can also do your part by switching to a reusable water bottle, choosing a canvas bag instead of plastic, and skipping the plastic drink straws that end up in our oceans where sea turtles mistake them for food.

Houston Zoo staff are heavily involved in local and regional conservation efforts. We participate in AZA’s Species Survival Plan (SSP) program, which manages populations of endangered species housed at zoos across North America. The Zoo is a breeder for the Houston toad, Attwater’s prairie chicken, and Galapagos tortoise, and we support whooping crane community awareness and protection programs. We also help to strengthen local wildlife non-profit organizations that focus on education, habitat threat reduction, and community-based conservation action. The Zoo is a strong leader in the development of zoological conservation education. This includes an eight-week summer collegiate conservation program sponsored by ExxonMobil and a variety of field conservation science and educational programs for youth and adults.


There are several options for kids to explore their interests at the Houston Zoo. For example, they can participate in the Zoofari summer camp that offers activities based on animal habitats and conservation efforts. They can also explore space at the Space Center Houston Camp and get hands-on experience with NASA astronaut training and mission control simulations.

Other exciting summer programs include the Nature Discovery Center Camp, which provides outdoor exploration activities and environmental education classes. Children can also take part in wildlife encounters and fun nature crafts. They can also discover their creative side at ArtMix Creative Learning Center Camp, which is suitable for kids with an interest in various artistic mediums.

Alternatively, they can learn martial arts at USA Karate Academy’s camps, and put their culinary skills to use at the Culinary Arts Camp. They can even try out climbing at the Aerial Circus Endeavor Summer Program. Lastly, they can improve their athletic abilities at Soccer Shots Summer Camp and gain confidence by participating in teamwork exercises.

Educator Workshops

The zoo’s education programs aim to teach children and adults the importance of animal conservation. To achieve this, it uses various educational tools such as plaques and boards that explain the animals that reside at the zoo. It also organizes educator workshops and the Collegiate Conservation Program to help teachers learn about wildlife conservation and its connection with STEM fields and TEKS.

These teaching tools allow the zoo to inspire people to act on behalf of endangered species. Additionally, it helps shape their wildlife-saving identities by using engaging teaching strategies that change participants’ attitudes and behaviors.

This position includes driving in Zoo vehicles to partner campuses and nature spaces, lifting up to 50lbs, a Mon-Fri schedule, and the ability to work weekends and evenings when needed. The candidate must be comfortable taking risks to try approaches and solutions that have not been tried before. The ability to learn from failure is also important. This position is open to Bilingual candidates.

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The Houston Zoo is a 55-acre wonderland home to over 6,000 animals from 900 species. With naturalistic habitats, endangered species programs, and hands-on interactions, the zoo entertains and educates visitors about wildlife conservation. Families especially flock to this Houston staple for close animal encounters.

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