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Online Car Buying: The Future Has Arrived

By Odet Garcia Updated: 07/26/2022 Posted: 06/04/2019

Car buying can be strenuous, and it can also be tiring. If you are driving from one place to the next, or perhaps having someone else drive you around; this is time consuming. It takes a lot of gas and money to get there. Plus, if you don’t currently have a vehicle, you are wasting someone else’s time.

The future of car shopping and buying is upon us.

With over 90 percent of buyers researching vehicles online before they buy them, or go to buy them, online may be the next best thing to test driving. Not only is this changing the way we buy, but it is changing our perception on the word, ‘test drive.’

If you want to learn more about vehicle purchasing, the future and where it is headed and what you might expect the next time that you go to purchase a vehicle or want to purchase one. Knowing what can be done or what might be done is important. You may want a vehicle but the process for purchasing one may be different.

Virtually Getting Behind the Wheel

Videos providing a 360 experience to the user are soon to replace actually going and test driving the vehicle. While this does not give the person a feel for the vehicle, it definitely lets them take a look inside. It also allows them to see if this is what they are looking for.

In hopes to streamline the car buying process, the 360 videos are approaching car buying in a whole new light and bringing the experience to a whole new level.

These videos are replacing the need to go to the dealership and see the vehicle in person. Not only that, but car sales are more successful if the buyer is able to take a look at it through the use of these videos rather than traveling to see it and finding out later on that this is not the vehicle that they had wanted.

Watching test drive videos on YouTube over the past two years has increased over 60%. Making it one of the biggest growing trends and one that car salespeople felt they needed to use to their advantage.

The future of car shopping is looking like it is going to be moving to the online world. And it may be moving sooner than expected.

United States Auto Content is on the Rise

The views and use of auto content across all platforms are currently on a rise. With more and more people looking online to purchase a car, it is no surprise that this number continues to skyrocket.

Even the car brands that are featured in these videos are benefiting from them. With many users looking up these brands and manufacturers and then purchasing the vehicles they are seeing; it continues to be a market that is ever-expanding and growing with time.

As more and more people become used to using the internet and find it easier to navigate their way through the many channels and places, more and more people are going to be using it to shop and locate various other items that they want. This includes finding cars online that speak to them.

What Do Car Buyers Watch Online? 

Those that are buying cars do have a specific selection of videos that they watch online. This is because they want to ensure that they are watching something that they are interested in. Usually, when the person sees something that they like, they are more likely to buy that item that they see or vehicle that they want to drive around in. This is true for almost everything that is seen on the web.

Vehicles are no exception. When it comes to watching a commercial that they come across for the new Lexus for sale, or any other cars for sale in their area that catches their eye, you can expect that the response is going to be a good one if it is something that they are truly interested in.

In addition to watching commercials with these vehicles, mechanics that work on the vehicles, people that race or own sports cars, or even highlights and films that showcase these vehicles can also grab the attention of those that are looking to buy a vehicle.

Vlogs are a trend that are steadily on the rise. With more and more people interested in watching them, more and more people are considering starting them because of this. Showcasing those cars is one of the best ways to get people to notice them and perhaps go out and purchase one of their own if they like them. 

How is This Actually Going to Work?

Those that are selling vehicles will find that when they put them up on these mediums, such as Google or YouTube, they are inviting a host of visitors to come out and see the vehicle for themselves once they show off just how great it is.

Shopping online has already begun to take shape for so many people. Due to this, larger items are starting to be sold throughout the internet. Vehicles are no exception, and they currently are being offered online but this is just through pictures and explanations and the entire process is not done through the internet.

People can see what is available by them to purchase as vehicles that they may want to purchase on their own. They then have to go to the dealership to purchase them through the dealer that is offering them.

There are going to be changes to this process, to make it so that everything can be done through the internet. This starts with the look, including a 360 view of the vehicle on the outside and inside, as well as a video on it, pictures, explanation and more of this vehicle. You can then speak with the dealer through chats on the website. Everything can be done through the internet and your vehicle can then be brought to you or you can go pick it up when it is ready.

This is important to think about, as you may want to consider how this can be done when looking to purchase a vehicle online.

Car Buying Will Soon Be Completely Online

Those that are used to going to the dealership to check out their vehicles are going to have to change the way they do things soon enough.

As mentioned above, it is important that you consider the changes that are going to be made to the market with car buying and shopping. Currently, you can take the virtual tour, much like you can with a home buying process.

As time moves forward, many people are going to be able to shop and purchase their vehicles right through the internet. This is going to be the future of car buying and it may also help those out of the area purchase the vehicles that they want, even if they are not immediately by them. This also may open up options for dealers that want to sell vehicles in a faster, more streamlined process.

This process can soon be something that is normal to those that are shopping for a vehicle, purchasing or selling one.

Selling Vehicles Online and What Auto Brands and Dealers Can Learn

Selling vehicles online is something that should be considered, especially as times change and more and more people start selling online. With this in mind, it is important to consider all of the brands and the dealers that are going to be selling and using the vehicle online for those out there to make use of.

When the time comes to sell, these auto brands and dealers can learn from the process and the videos that are currently online through different areas. The future of car sales might just be in the hands of the dealership or the seller.

You can make it feel real. As a dealer, you want to make those looking at the video look and feel as real as possible. This is important, as you want to ensure that they want to like the vehicle and purchase it. In order to skip coming to the dealership, they have to actually feel like they are inside the vehicle, on the outside of the vehicle, learning more about the vehicle, and more. This can all be done through a 360 tour inside and outside of the vehicle.

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Providing exclusive and unique information and content to those that visit the website or page is important. You want to have your own voice and show people they are purchasing from a reputable, trustworthy seller. Having access to dealerships, showrooms, and auto shows, this is important to make use of when the time comes. This is because you want to show them that these are the vehicles that they can purchase, right from the internet, by just putting in their word.

You also want to make sure to add in longer form content with the videos that you put up. This is for the simple fact that without this information, those prospective buyers are not going to be able to get any information on it. This is also important as you want to make sure that you are learning more regarding the vehicle, especially if they are not listening to anything that is being said in the video and they want to read the information while watching.

There are many things that can be done to boost the views of the videos and all that comes along with them. You can ensure that as you are selling the vehicles, you are showing them through both information and video that is put on the website.

The Growth of the Internet and Online Sales

As Google grows, those that are looking for vehicles can use their 360 views to find the perfect vehicle without ever having to leave their home to do so. This is changing the face of how things, not just vehicles are being sold to those across the globe, and not just in the US.

The changes that are being made are expected to be put into place come 2025, making the change almost immediately upon us. As we move forward, we can find that this is something that is definitely going to change the way that we shop and the way we drive, but also a number of other ways that we shop in the market, not just with these vehicles.

The internet continues to grow, and with it comes a lot of thought and dedication to those companies and businesses that want to gain attention or make sales in their industry. Vehicles are not exception to this. With many dealerships already online and using the internet, allowing more and more people access to purchase and browse vehicles through the internet is going to be one of the best things for these dealerships.

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Almost like virtual reality, you can shop through the internet and not have to actually be at the dealership to get it. You can go online and look at the vehicle. Then sign up to purchase it and do everything online. This makes it one of the easiest processes to go through. Also one that gets you the best deal, while not having to get to the dealership in person. Sometimes you go only to pick up the vehicle, if this is the choice you went with when you purchased the vehicle online.

Of course, it is always recommended to find the most reliable and reputable best online car buying sites in the USA. You want to purchase from a company that can sell quality vehicles. But also have the technology to produce the best possible images and videos in the area. The future of car buying is something that is going to be done completely online, no questions asked, no hassle and no pressure to purchase any of the vehicles that you want to take home.