Are Online Dealer Auto Auctions Right for Everyone?

By Mike Richards Updated: 09/01/2017 Posted: 07/10/2017

There are always skeptics when it comes to new technologies and ways of doing things. This is especially true of something known as online dealer auto auctions. Savvy consumers have discovered that websites that offer access to dealer auctions provide a great means of saving thousands on used cars. Even so, there are many who refuse to even give these auctions a look.

Such folks believe that only certain individuals should use these online auctions, believing they’re not for everyone. The fact is, though, that absolutely every auto buyer who’s looking to get the best possible deal should use online dealer auto auctions. Consider the following…

The Problems with Buying a Used Car at a Dealership

Many consumers will do the same old thing when it comes to buying a used car. They’ll go to a number of used car dealerships in their local area, hoping to find a vehicle that will be right for their needs and budgets.

There are a number of drawbacks to doing this! For one, your search for the right used car is going to be incredibly constrained. After all, you can only choose from the used cars that will be available on these dealerships’ lots at any given time. Assuming you do find something that works, your problems are only just beginning.

When buying through a dealership, you’ll have to haggle with a used car salesperson. Now, this is a thing that absolutely no auto buyer enjoys doing. It’s easy to understand why, too. Used car salespeople are notorious for ripping off their customers!

The Myriad Benefits of Online Dealer Auto Auctions

Online dealer auto auctions mitigate all the above drawbacks to buying a used car at a dealership and offer their own unique benefits. For example, online auctions allow any auto buyer to have instantaneous access to an inventory of thousands upon thousands of vehicles. Because of this, the chances of finding what one is looking for are dramatically increased.

Even better, though, one stands to save an incredible sum. Think back to those used car dealerships. Did you know that some of their inventory is directly sourced through dealer auctions? If you were to buy a car so sourced, you would be paying that dealer’s markup. When you cut out the middleman by using online auctions, though, there’s no markup to speak of!

Get Started Right Now, and Start Saving Today!

Given the above benefits, it’s easy to say that absolutely everyone should try online dealer auctions when looking for a used car. They offer a level of choice, convenience, and potential for savings that simply can’t be matched!

Best of all, getting started is just as easy as using any other online retailer. You only need to create an account to start your search. After that, getting started with bidding is as simple as making an initial deposit to establish your buying power. Oh, and don’t worry if you’re an auction newbie. Any good online dealer auto auction website will provide you with a specialist who can hold your hand through the entire process.