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Is It Possible to Buy Used Cars in Dealer Auctions and Import Them?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/23/2019 Posted: 08/04/2017

Things in the auto market in the United States have changed dramatically in recent years. This is due to the opening up of dealer auctions to ordinary consumers. The opening up is made possible by a number of websites that provide access to dealer auctions online.

Through these dealer auctions, consumers now have the ability to enjoy incredible savings on used and salvage vehicles, sometimes in the thousands of dollars. What’s more is that these websites provide an incredible array of choice, all of which can be enjoy from the comfort of one’s home.

This development hasn’t gone unnoticed by international buyers. They wonder if it’s possible for them to access dealer auctions in the U.S., too. The answer is decidedly in the affirmative. Anyone with access to the Internet can also access U.S. dealer auctions online.

Of course, if you’re going to do this as an international buyer, there are some things that will be specific to your circumstances. We’ll be reviewing these things below.

Most Countries Around the World Allow Imports…

Almost every country in the world allows for used cars to be imported from aboard. However, do note that there are some countries that do forbid this. So, be sure to check with your country’s customs authority to find out what the case is.

Understanding Common Import Restrictions for Used Cars

When getting in touch with your customs authority, you’ll want to find out what restrictions upon imported used cars are in place. Most countries regulate the import of used cars in some form or another. You’ll want to know what these restrictions are before you begin bidding in online dealer auctions in the U.S.

Most often, you’ll find that countries only allow vehicles of a certain age or younger to be imported. In these cases, though, there will often be an exemption for classic vehicles.

Beyond age restrictions, you’re also likely to encounter regulations pertaining to safety standards and emissions. By and large, standards in the United States match with those aboard, but it’s always wise to check and make sure. In addition to this, there may be more discreet requirements. For example, some countries require that left-hand drive vehicles be converted to right-hand drive prior to import.

Getting a Handle on Import Duties and Taxes

Finally, you’ll need to get a handle on your country’s import duties and taxes for used vehicles. The extent of these duties and taxes will often be the biggest determinant of whether or not using online dealer auctions in the U.S. makes sense for you. When looking into these, be sure to pay attention to how they’re calculated. If your country assesses duties and taxes based on CIF, then you’ll want to shop around when it comes to shipping options.

Why Online Dealer Auctions May Make Sense for You

By and large, most international buyers will find that even after shipping, duties and taxes are factored in, one can save money by using online dealer auctions. So, sign up for a website that provides access to dealer auctions in the U.S., and see what’s available. You’ll likely find something that matches your needs and budget perfectly!