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Private Online Dealer Auctions and the “New Car” Smell 

By Mike Richards Updated: 11/26/2018 Posted: 10/24/2015

So, what is it about the new car smell when you slide into the driver’s seat for the first time? Whatever the reason, that “new car smell” is a very alluring scent.

Of course, this scent is also valued because of its scarcity. Not everyone can afford a brand new car. Even certified pre-owned vehicles coming off lease that has been scrubbed to within an inch of their life – the closest many of us will ever come to a real “new” car – only have the faintest whiff of that smell left in them.

However, there are ways to get a new car that isn’t going to cost you a huge amount. In fact, in one crucial method for getting at that new car smell, you won’t even have to leave your house.

The Secret of the Automotive Industry

Car dealerships try to get the best price on their stock from manufacturers. Dealers buy at wholesale prices to turn a profit. Most dealers are happy to only pay a wholesale price of 40 to 60 percent of a car’s MSRP. This leaves plenty of room for profit.

Now, imagine if you could access the same wholesale pricing on brand new cars in the same way as dealerships. You have to find a way into the same private car auctions that these dealers can access.

The World of Online Dealer Auctions

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For the most part, physically getting into a private dealer auction is very difficult. You can’t buy your way in, as you need to have a dealer’s license to get through the gates.

If you know someone with a license, they can get you in. But you’re still not allowed to bid or purchase any new vehicles on display. Not unless the same person who got you in the door is willing to bid for you. He also has to be someone you’re willing to give your money to to do it.

Meanwhile, most people don’t have to worry about that at all thanks to the wonders of the Internet. Private dealer auction groups have branched out into the digital world. Now there’s a robust private online dealer auction marketplace for new cars.

The requirement for entry to these sites is the same as a physical auction venue – a valid dealer’s license. But now you don’t have to rely on a friend or relative vouching for you. For certain auctions, you really can buy your way in, and it is not that expensive.

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Third Party Proxy Bidders

This is made possible by one of any number of online auction companies that provide “proxy bidding” services. These companies have their dealer license, and for a modest fee, you can use their license to browse online certain dealer auction inventories, place bids, or even buy cars outright if there are any available for instant purchase.

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All you do is provide a proxy bidder with access to your money and instruct them as to which cars you would like to bid on, and what your maximum bid is. The company does the rest, sight unseen, and without any further worry on your part.

To make this better, some proxy bidders provide transportation services for their customers to virtually anywhere in the United States. Many companies ship overseas to foreign countries. As long as you pay all the shipping costs, up to and including any import duties or associated taxes and fees, your proxy bidder will take care of the details for you.