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How Proper Car Maintenance Can Help You Reduce Accident Risks

By Daisy Emah-Emah Posted: 05/30/2023

How can proper car maintenance reduce the risk of Accidents?


Did you know that on average, there is one car crash happening every six minutes globally? 

And guess what? 

Most of them are caused by distracted or reckless driving, speeding, texting while driving, and poor car maintenance. According to global road safety stats, over 1.35 million people lose their lives yearly, and millions more are injured due to road accidents worldwide.

Crazy, right? Get this: the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) found out that a whopping 20 percent of all road accidents happen because of improper car maintenance. Regular car maintenance is not only going to make your ride accident-proof, but it’ll also save you from costly issues like engine failure, tire blowouts, faulty brakes, and electrical problems. 

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Let’s talk about the importance of taking care of your ride! When you neglect to maintain your car, it’s like asking for trouble on the road. There are tons of problems that can arise from poor car maintenance that can lead to deadly accidents! So, check out these common issues that can turn your car into a ticking time bomb.

Common Issues with Poorly Maintained Cars

Poorly maintained cars can cause all sorts of problems that can turn your daily commute into a real nightmare. Here are some of the most common issues you might encounter:

1. Brakes: If you don’t maintain your brakes, you could end up with squeaky, grinding, or unresponsive brakes. And that’s no good when you’re trying to stop on a dime to avoid hitting that cute little squirrel running across the street.

2. Steering and handling: When your steering and handling aren’t up to snuff, you might find yourself struggling to keep your car on the road, especially when you hit a bump or take a corner too quickly. It’s like trying to steer a shopping cart with a wonky wheel – not fun.

3. Tires: Neglecting your tires can lead to all sorts of problems, like uneven wear, blowouts, and poor traction on wet or slippery roads. Plus, driving on bald tires is like walking on an icy sidewalk in flip-flops – it’s a recipe for disaster.

4. Suspension: If your car’s suspension is shot, you’ll feel every bump in the road, and your car might even bounce around like a lowrider. Plus, a worn-out suspension can lead to poor handling and even damage to other parts of your car.

Other Common Issues

1. Breakdowns: Let’s start with the obvious one. A poorly maintained car is more likely to break down on you at the worst possible moment, leaving you stranded on the side of the road with a smoking engine or a dead battery.

2. Poor fuel efficiency: Neglecting basic maintenance like oil changes and air filter replacements can cause your car’s fuel efficiency to plummet, meaning you’ll be spending more money at the gas pump than necessary.

3. Strange noises: If you’re hearing strange noises like squeaking, grinding, or rattling coming from your car, it could be a sign that something is seriously wrong. Ignoring these noises can lead to even more expensive repairs down the road.

4. Poor handling: Neglecting your car’s tires, brakes, and suspension can all contribute to poor handling, which can make it more difficult to control your car and increase the risk of accidents.

5. Electrical problems: From dead batteries to malfunctioning alternators, electrical issues can cause all sorts of headaches, from not being able to start your car to having your headlights flicker on and off while you’re driving.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your car running like a champ:

Proper Car Maintenance Tips

1. Regular oil changes: Your car’s engine needs clean oil to run smoothly, so be sure to get your oil changed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles (or as recommended by your car’s manufacturer).

2. Check your tires: Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have enough tread. You can use a tire gauge to check the pressure and a penny to check the tread depth.

3. Replace filters: Don’t forget about your car’s air filter, cabin air filter, and fuel filter. Replace them regularly to keep your car running smoothly and improve your air quality.

4. Brakes: Keep an ear out for any strange noises coming from your brakes, and have them checked regularly to ensure they’re working properly.

5. Fluids: Keep an eye on your car’s fluid levels, including coolant, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. Low levels can cause damage to your car’s engine and transmission.

6. Lights: Check your headlights, taillights, and turn signals regularly to ensure they’re working properly. Replace any burnt-out bulbs as soon as possible.

7. Drive carefully: Finally, the best way to maintain your car is to drive it carefully. Avoid hard stops and starts, don’t speed, and be gentle with your car’s accelerator and brakes.

So, if you want to reduce the risk of an accident proper car maintenance is the way to go!

Be sure to get your brakes, steering and handling, tires, and suspension checked and maintained regularly. Your car (and your passengers) and your wallet will thank you for it! By following these simple tips, you can keep your car running smoothly and avoid costly repairs down the road. Happy driving!

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