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Used Cars: Easy, Quick and Helpful Maintenance Hacks

By Odet Garcia Updated: 03/14/2021 Posted: 06/18/2020

Congratulations on buying your new used car! You are now a proud car owner, and as such we know you want to take good care of your car. Proper maintenance is fundamental to keep a used car in good condition. Remember your car may have had more than one previous owner, and a long history that can lead to damages. These quick and helpful maintenance hacks are very useful to avoid additional expenses and keep used cars in great shape. 

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We all know used cars have different things that need to be taken care of in order to maintain a good condition. Some of these things need to be done regularly and can represent an expense in your budget. However, not doing them because you don’t want to spend money, can cause serious mechanical problems. We will cover in this article the basic regular maintenance tasks you should follow, and other quick hacks you can do yourself.

Basic Regular Maintenance for Used Cars

As we mentioned above, there are certain basic maintenance tasks that need to be done regularly. However, there are other maintenance hacks that you can take care of by yourself. This will help you save some money and keep your car in a good condition. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the cost of regular maintenance will always be lower than the cost of any serious damage in the future.

Don’t Ignore the Owner’s Manual

You can find an owner’s manual in every glove compartment of any car. This thick book that is often overlooked can be your ally for taking care of your car. Don’t worry if you can’t find the owner’s manual of your used car. You can go online and search for the manual of your car’s model, it’s very likely that you will find it. 

It is important to check the owner’s manual because each car has a suggested maintenance schedule. Taking note of this schedule will help you keep your car in good condition. We recommend that you find a mechanic that you trust, who can help you with the periodic maintenance. 

Change Your Oil and Oil Filter

Some people think that skipping an oil change won’t hurt used cars. But it actually will. And it can be very expensive in the long run. You see, oil is fundamental for the engine to work properly. Oil’s function is to keep the engine parts lubricated. This helps keep them from grinding against each other, eventually destroying the engine. 

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Not changing the car’s oil and oil filter on a regular basis can cause serious problems to the engine. Go to a mechanic that you trust and they can help you with this task regularly. Keep in mind that there’s a specific type of oil that your car needs. This is one of the things that is specified in the owner’s manual.

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Remember to Check your Car’s Tires

Having a blown out tire can be a high expense to cover. Avoid this by checking the pressure on your tires on a monthly basis. Now, adding air to your tires may sound like an easy task. You’ve probably mastered it or you will master it in no time. But, do you know what the correct pressure for your tires is? 

Take a look at the owner’s manual to find all the specifications for your tires. Pressure information is also usually located on the driver’s door. Additionally, keep in mind that tire rotation and alignment are also part of the routine maintenance schedule. Make sure you’re following it correctly with the help of your mechanic. You may also need to pay someone to rotate and align your tires according to your maintenance schedule.

DIY Maintenance Hacks for Used Cars

Throughout the article we’ve covered the maintenance tasks that need to be done by a mechanic. Ultimately, the costs of maintenance need to be part of your expense budget. This will help you avoid having serious problems with your car in the future. However, there are some little tweaks that you can do by your own means. These maintenance hacks will help your car look nicer and keep it in good condition.

Shine Cloudy Headlights

You don’t need to worry about taking your car to a shop to get cloudy headlights fixed. To do so, you can use something that you can easily find in your home: toothpaste. Apply some toothpaste to your headlights and clean them using a brush or a cloth. You can rinse with water after you’re done and you’ll be able to see the difference.

Clean your Windows with Newspaper

Keeping the windows sparkling clean can give that “like new” effect to used cars. To do this you can use newspapers, which is also something you can find easily in your home. You will need 2 cups of water, ¼ cup vinegar, and ½ teaspoon of liquid soap. Pour this mixture into an atomizer and spray in windows. Afterwards, use the newspaper to wipe it off. This won’t take much time and will leave your car windows sparkling clean.

Hise Little Scrapes and Scratches

Many used cars sold at auctions may have some scrapes and scratches. If there’s no other damage that requires repairing, you can take care of those scratches by yourself. Some nail polish can do the trick perfectly. Look for the color that matches the color of your car and apply it over the scratches. You’ll see a huge difference without paying someone to do it.