What is Salvage title?

Reasons to Consider a Salvage Dealer Auction

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 09/12/2017

You might be someone who loves to restore cars or you might just be a car owner who enjoys doing complex repairs on their own. Maybe you are neither and just want to get your hands on the most affordably priced vehicles available. The good news is that you, as an average consumer, can now participate in a salvage dealer auction.

Typically in the past, a salvage dealer auction was open to licensed dealers alone. That hasn’t actually changed, but a clever workaround has been discovered. The rise of the Internet has made almost everything go online, including vehicle auctions. Because of that, licensed dealers are able tolist vehicles from certain dealer-only auction houses so that you get access to this inventory at great prices. It allows anyone with a registered account and buyer’s deposit to place bids on vehicles in any dealer auctions.

Why a Salvage Dealer Auction?

There are actually many reasons that the average consumer would want to consider participation in a salvage dealer auction. They include:

  • Rebuilding your dream car – If you win a car in a salvage dealer auction, it can easily place an incredibly expensive vehicle into your hands, but at a fraction of the cost. You can then set about restoring it or rebuilding it according to your budget, pace and skill.
  • Plenty of spare parts – Though not all salvage vehicles are totally destroyed, some really are only good for parts. You might often find that a salvage vehicle can provide you with hard to find and super expensive parts at only a fraction of the price.
  • Salvage can be superficial – Cosmetic damages are among the easiest to overcome, and you may find that a vehicle is deemed salvage for nothing more than those cosmetic matters. You can then swoop in and nab a car and have repairs done to get it officially road worthy, but for a sliver of the typical cost.
  • You just want to save a lot of money – Typically, a consumer opts to buy into a salvage auction because they know they can still restore the car, get it a valid registration and keep it on the road for years afterward for a deeply discounted price. For example, you might easily find a car or truck deemed salvage because of minor, cosmetic damage. You can buy it for pennies on the dollar at a dealer auction, sink the capital into the repairs, get it inspected and re-titled, and still pay much less than you would have in any other way.

Don’t ever let the word “salvage” scare you away from a dealer auction. There is an enormous number of vehicles that have to be labeled this way, and yet many of them represent a rare opportunity for enormous financial savings. Just be sure you work with a valid dealer auction site to ensure the least amount of risk and the largest number of benefits.