What is Salvage title? Export cars from the U.S.

Reasons You Need a Reputable Exporter for Your Car

By Mike Richards Updated: 08/09/2022 Posted: 10/19/2015

The number of vehicles bought from the United States by China and other emerging economies is at an all-time high. To meet the demand for quality and affordable vehicles. Buyers and exporters are looking for ways to keep costs down and drive interest up. As explained in The Post and Courier, dealers are complaining about the methods of obtaining vehicles. Leading to controversy over what is and what is not legal. 


Requirements for Exporting a Vehicle

For the millions of overseas buyers who purchase vehicles from the U.S.. The exporter plays an important role in the process.

The exporting process can be complex for anyone who is not experienced in it. For example, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection requires exporters to submit all necessary documents to the departure port a minimum of 72 hours before the vehicle is to be exported.

These documents include a Certificate of Title, either the original or a certified copy. The vehicle identification number, or VIN, must be verified on the day that the vehicle is exported. Along with an addition form. There are also different hours of operations for different ports so the one you choose may not process exports during weekends.

The exporter will need to be familiar with these requirements and make sure they comply with them.


Temporary Exports

It is rare that a car sold at auction in the United States will be exported for temporary purposes. If that is the case, the registration will need to be available if requested. Sometimes the exporter will require to file electronic export information (EEI) with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The exporter has the responsibility of preparing and filing the EEI through AES or AES Direct.


A Word on Vehicle Titles

The vehicle title shows ownership of the vehicle and shows it to the CBP before vehicle export. Sometimes a vehicle purchase has no title to prove ownership. Under these circumstances, use a manufacturer’s statement of origin, or MSO, to declare ownership of the car.

Some states do not issue titles for certain types of vehicles. In this case, the exporter will require documentation that shows there is no state requirement for titling. Acquire and present the documentation along with the MSO and the bill of sale.

The responsibilities of the exporter are all very important and require a working knowledge of how the export business works. And a strong ethical drive that encourages them to provide exceptional customer service.


Preventing Costly Delays

Shipping is a concern, especially when you are buying something as large as a car. You want to make sure the product you order gets to you in the fastest time possible, for the lowest price, and without causing any damage to it. These are all responsibilities of the exporter that matter a great deal to the customer. After all, their goal is to get a good vehicle that doesn’t cost as much money as it would if they purchased it from the vehicle manufacturer.


Other Options for Exporting Your Car Overseas

Exporters are specialists in transporting cars overseas. They take care of the paperwork, making sure that everything is as per regulations. To further complicate the process, each country of destination has different requirements to adhere to. Anyone who tries to take care of the process by themselves is likely to deal with a lot of hassle and they may risk causing delays that will cost them additional fees.

According to USA Today, the price of exporting a vehicle can run anywhere from $750 to several thousand dollars. The distance being travelled and the transport required on land to and from the ports will also play a role in the cost. It is always a good idea to check around and find the exporter who will charge the lowest rates while still offering guaranteed results.


Exporting a Salvaged Vehicle

When a vehicle has a salvage title, it can cause some difficulty for the buyer in the United States. After vehicle export, these difficulties go away. This is why many of the vehicles exports out of the country are salvage vehicles.

When a salvage title is presented to the CBP, it will still have the name of owner and the additional information needed for the export. Once the vehicle arrives at the port of the destination country, the salvage title no longer matters and the buyer has the freedom to insure and use the car as he see fit.

An export company that works within the requirements of the law and has a great deal of experience in the history is often the better choice among exporters. They are also more likely to care about carrying out all of their obligations as an exporter. A reputable exporter knows what is required to export a vehicle to every country and make it an easy process for their clients.


Using a Car Broker

A car broker provides a combination of services related to the purchase of online vehicles and the export services that get the purchased vehicle to the new owner through a flawless process. Look for a broker who knows the steps to take in order to make the process safe and headache-free.

The best way to determine if a broker or export company meets this criterion is to find one that has a lot of happy clients to its credit. A car broker will provide you with an expert who will help you with every step of the process. If they have repeatedly delivered positive experiences to a number of clients in the past, you are likely to have a positive experience as well. Best of all, a reputable exporter will save you time, money and aggravation.

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