Rise of the Online Dealer Auction

By Mike Richards Updated: 01/24/2018 Posted: 09/11/2017

The next time you purchase a car, it should be from an online vehicle auction. They’re becoming more and more popular. This article will tell you why.

Why Dealer Auctions Are So Popular

Before we talk about why the online dealer auction is becoming so popular, let’s first address the traditional version.

For most people, buying a vehicle means going to several dealerships until you find one that fits your needs. To do that, though, you usually have to spend time with a car salesperson.

Sure, a lot of these people are very helpful, but there’s a reason this profession’s reputation isn’t the best. It’s because people often feel as though they’re being pressured into a purchase they don’t want to make. They may get the car they want, but then there are all kinds of add-ons they end up paying for.

Auctions got rid of all of that, plus they mean that you can get a good car at a really low price, too. Being that they were put on by dealers, the quality of the vehicles were usually very impressive, as well. Many people have been extremely surprised to find what dealers are willing to part with at auctions.

Why an Online Dealer Auction Is Even Better

It’s probably pretty clear by now that the online version of anything is almost always better than the original. Take a look at Amazon, for example. You could buy all those things in real life, but the site makes it so much easier and more convenient, to say nothing of the savings you enjoy for such a preferable experience.

An online dealer auction carries the same benefits. Furthermore, most dealer auctions are held early on the weekends. Obviously, an online dealer auction doesn’t have to follow these rules. They can be held 24/7.

This also speaks to another big advantage with online dealer auctions, which is that, because you’re bidding on your computer, you can also do plenty of research before you ever commit to a single vehicle.

Your Options Are Unlimited

Finally, the selection at an online dealer auction deserves its own section because it really makes that big of a difference. The selection at these online auctions is simply unrivaled. You’re just not going to find a dealership with as many vehicles available, much less one that’s going to sell them at an auction.

Through our auction website, for example, we give people access to thousands of vehicles. These are vehicles from all over the country, too.

This amount of selection from over such a large area means that our customers get to save a lot of money. If they were stuck with the limited options of a local dealer, they’d have no choice but to pay the price on the sticker (or thereabouts).

The other big service we provide at auto auction mall is that we actually do the bidding on our clients’ behalf. Just tell your agent what you’re looking for in a vehicle and how much you want to spend. You’re more than welcome to observe the entire bidding process, too. In the end, you get a great vehicle at an unbelievable price.