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Rising Fuel Prices: How Can I Save on Gas?

By Daisy Emah-Emah Posted: 03/18/2022


Global gas prices have been on the rise since the invasion of Ukraine. This has made it challenging for vehicle owners to fill their tanks. 


AAA reports the average cost of a gallon of regular fuel is now $4.173. It is the highest ever recorded, not considering inflation, surpassing the $4.114 mark set in the summer of 2008. 


The ban on Russian oil imports since the invasion has contributed to the hike in prices. The inflation rate makes it more difficult for drivers to fork out almost $5 for a gallon of gas. Thinking of other ways to spend less on gas is an option to keep many drivers afloat. 


How can you save your gas amidst these times?


Now is a great time to improve your driving habits and learn tips and tricks to help you maximize your gas savings. You have to be strategic and plan your day – you will also have to develop certain social skills if you’re carpooling. 


We have a list of important habits you should develop to help you save more on your gas. 


Tips On How To Save Gas

1. Avoid Speeding

The more speed you apply the faster your fuel burns, to maximize your fuel economy you have to put reins on your speed. This doesn’t mean you have to drive like a grandpa but to save on gas maintain a slow and steady speed. 


2. Accelerate Gently

Avoid putting so much pressure on your accelerator – the harder you accelerate the more fuel you burn. Ease onto the pedal gently and avoid revving your vehicle. Be gentle and save more gas – they cost a fortune now!


3. Properly inflate your tires

Under-inflated tire pressure can increase fuel consumption, check your tires and make sure they are properly inflated. Check your vehicle’s manual to know the correct amount of pressure for your tires. Use the tire gauge to monitor your tire pressure.  



4. Drive With Less Weight

Cut down on hauling cargo and excess weight.  Excess weight causes an aerodynamic drag making you burn more fuel. US Department of Energy says your fuel economy can reduce by 8% in the city and 25% on the interstate when you haul excess weight. 


5. Use The Right Oil 

Using the right oil can help with fuel economy while driving. If your oil is too thick the moving parts of your engine will slow down while burning more gas – and if it’s too thin your vital parts are at risk of damage. Use the right viscosity of oil recommended by your manufacturer.


6. Proper Maintenance

Carry out routine maintenance on your vehicle regularly. Replace your fuel filters, oil, coolant, worn-out parts of your vehicle. Get your tires checked or replaced where necessary. Regular maintenance optimizes your vehicle’s maintenance and improves fuel economy.



7. Use Cruise Control

A lot of modern vehicles come with cruise control features – it helps you maintain an even speed while driving. This feature is good for fuel economy, make use of it while driving. Take extra precautions in hilly or steep areas as it’s not effective in these areas. You will end up burning more gas, its best to turn it off in hilly or steep areas.  


8. Use Air Conditioner Less

Constantly using your air conditioning burns more fuel by as much as 20%. If the weather is nice open the windows and enjoy the breeze. It doesn’t hurt to have a little more natural air and enjoy the wind on your face and in your hair while maintaining a steady speed. 


9. Avoid Leaving Your Car Idle 

You are burning more gas when your vehicle is idling – turn off your engine if you’re not moving. You burn about 300ml of gas every 10 minutes your vehicle idles away. If you shift to neutral you still lose gas slowly because your engine still needs fuel to keep idle speed. The best solution is to turn off your engine if you’ll be spending a couple of minutes idle. 


10. Dragging brakes

You burn more fuel when your brakes are dragging. This is because they are not working properly and need to work extra to slow down your vehicle. The more work your brakes put in the more gas you burn. Have them repaired or replaced as quickly as possible to save more on gas. 


11. Avoid Peak Hours Driving

Driving during peak hours means you are likely going to be stuck in traffic. You’re sure to burn more gas so its best to avoid driving this period. Organize your day and plan to leave your location before peak times. 



12. Drive Less/Carpool

This probably seems unrelated – but the less you drive the more gas you save. Try walking or biking if you’re making short trips. This also improves your health and will keep you fit – now you save fuel and improve your health. It’s a win-win situation!


You can also carpool with friends and colleagues You all can take turns carpooling with each other and can all save on gas. Everybody wins!


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If All Else Fails…

It is not certain if gas prices will go down or if they will go higher. These tips will help you save but you will still spend a good amount of money on gas 


What other options are available for you? Vehicles that use little to no gas…


For instance, a regular engine Toyota Highlander has a fuel economy of 21/29 City/Highway while the hybrid version has an economy of 35/35 City/Highway. This means that the hybrid version has a better fuel efficiency rate than the gas-powered model – saving more on gas.


Now is a good time to switch to electric or hybrid vehicles that use less gas with fewer emissions. Some examples include BMW iX, Hyundai Elantra, Kia Sorento, etc. 




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