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What is Salvage title? Export cars from the U.S.

Rules For Importing Cars to Saudi Arabia

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/23/2019 Posted: 10/09/2015

When you are exporting a car from the US and importing to Saudi Arabia, there are a number of rules you will need to follow.

Understanding the Rules of Saudi Arabia for Car Export and Import

Rules in Saudi Arabia can be quite strict. For example, the imported vehicle needs to be less than five years old. This means that even though you might be able to find a car that looks in good shape, you will not be able to export it to Saudi Arabia if it is older than five years. Always look at the year when buying the vehicle through an online auction, just so you can be sure.

Also, those who want to import a 4WD vehicle need to prove that they have a family. Otherwise, they won’t be able to register the vehicle. Another rule concerns vehicles with more than five seats. As these are considered commercial vehicles, only companies, not individuals, can bring them into the country. Additionally, you cannot bring any vehicle into the country that has been involved in any type of police action.

Another strict rule concerns salvage vehicles. The laws of Saudi Arabia absolutely forbid the importation of salvage vehicles. This means that people who are looking for vehicles to import to Saudi Arabia at online auctions should only consider vehicles with clean titles, even though they will cost more.

Saudi Arabia Customs Considerations

You can only bring one car from another country into Saudi Arabia, and they do not allow shipments where the vehicle is in a container. When going through customs, the vehicle will need to have all of the required paperwork. This includes the title, SASO certificate, legal purchase invoice and certificate of origin, proof of insurance, customs fee declaration, landing authorization, and a copy of your license.

Once you bring the vehicle into the country, you will have to have it registered as soon as you can, and the registration is good for three years. In addition to registration, you also need to make sure you have insurance for your vehicle to be able to drive it.

Please remember that the customs regulations in Saudi Arabia, as elsewhere, can change and they often do. Before you buy a vehicle and try to export a car from the US or another country to Saudi Arabia, you will want to check into the most recent customs regulations. This will ensure you have no trouble when you are trying to bring your vehicle into the country.

Should I Buy A Car at Auction To Import to Saudi Arabia?

One of the main benefits of an online auction is the fact that you can find vehicles, generally those with salvage titles, for thousands less than you will find them elsewhere. Since it is not possible to import salvage vehicles into Saudi Arabia, it leaves many wondering whether they should even bother going through an auction at all.

While it’s true that a large number of the vehicles that come through the auctions are salvage titles, it is not the case with all of them. It is still a good idea to check out some of the other options that are available through the auctions. You may be able to find just the vehicle you were looking for.

Always check the title to make sure it is legitimate, so you will not have any trouble when you try to export the car from the US to Saudi Arabia. With a little diligence, an auction can still be a great place to buy.

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