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Always a hot topic – that’s why this is our largest collection of articles. We will provide you with everything you need to know about buying, repairing, registering and insuring salvage vehicles. Learn the instances that could cause salvage title being issued, so you can make the right judgement as to whether these vehicles are for you, and why they shouldn’t just be overlooked.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Salvage Title Cars? Should I go for it?

There are multiple reasons why people buy used cars from US auctions. One of them is because of salvage title cars. Salvage title cars are cars with varying degrees of …

6 days ago
Used Cars or Salvage Cars: What’s a Better Choice For a Nigerian Buyer?

The cost of brand new cars coupled with the state of the Nigerian Economy hasn’t precisely made brand new cars affordable to most. This has resulted in an increased preference …

2 months ago updated 01/07/2019
How to Buy Salvage Title Cars from Insurance Companies

When you’re looking to get the best possible deal on a car, one that others won’t believe, it’s worth your time to look into salvage title cars. For a number …

7 months ago updated 10/02/2018
Buying a Vehicle with a Salvage Title – Pros and Cons

Nowadays, more than ever, individuals are looking for ways to save money. That includes those people who are seeking to buy a used car. Of course, shoppers have always been …

1 year ago updated 08/20/2018
Why a salvage car for a savvy used car buyer is a the right choice?

Are you familiar with salvage cars?
If so, you’re probably wondering why anyone would bother spending good money on these vehicles in the first place. We’re going to explain why in …

1 year ago updated 08/19/2018
Why It’s Totally Worth Buying from a Salvage Dealer Auction

If you’ve never been to a salvage dealer auction, you may have a bad impression of them. However, the truth is that you should definitely consider them before you buy …

1 year ago updated 08/19/2018
What You Need to Know About Insurance and Salvage Cars for Sale

If you need a new vehicle to get around town or for your work, you might be thinking about saving some money and getting a salvage vehicle. Buying salvage can …

1 year ago
What Options Do Salvage Cars for Sale Offer?

You might consider the term “salvage” a negative one, but when you consider salvage cars for sale, it might not be such a bad thing. After all, the reason cars …

1 year ago updated 12/11/2017
The Ultimate Project Found Among Salvage Cars for Sale

Close your eyes for a moment and picture that car that was your first “dream car”. Was it a classic American car like a Corvette or Mustang? Maybe it was …

1 year ago
The Smart Way to Buy a Salvage Car with High Value

It’s always a little bit of a gamble to buy a car that could be un-insurable because determined as totale damaged. However, if you know your insurance options and you’ve …

1 year ago updated 06/08/2018
Three Ways Online Auctions Make Shopping for Salvage Cars Easier

When it comes to getting the best possible deal on a car to drive for yourself, or to resell, there’s not much that can beat buying salvage cars for sale …

1 year ago
What You Should Know Before Your First Salvage Dealer Auction

Are you thinking about buying a vehicle through a salvage dealer auction?
If so, you might be worried about the experience. After all, isn’t this when dealers just try to offload …

1 year ago
What You Need to Know to Insure Salvage Cars

When you spend your time looking for the best deals on online car auctions, you are bound to run across a few insurance salvage cars for sale. These are cars …

1 year ago
When Should You Buy a Salvage Car?

Before you automatically answer that question above with the word “never”, think again. Why? You should buy a salvage car for many different reasons, and if you do a bit …

1 year ago
The Pros and Cons of Salvage Cars for Sale

If you’re wrestling with the idea of considering salvage cars for sale, the following list of pros and cons should help you with your decision.
Salvage Cars for Sale Are Extremely …

1 year ago updated 07/22/2018