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How Does Shipping and Delivery Work with Online Car Auctions?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 06/11/2017

Online car auctions have become one of the preferred ways for consumers to buy vehicles. The reason for this is as simple as simple can get. Through online car auctions, it’s possible to save thousands of dollars on your purchase. When you’re talking about a big-ticket purchase like a vehicle, this is obviously great news!

Of course, when you use online car auctions to purchase vehicles, things are going to be a bit different than simply going to a dealership. Namely, you will need to arrange for shipping and delivery of any vehicle that you purchase. This isn’t as big of a deal as it might seem, though. Let’s take a look…

Shipping and Delivery for Online Car Auctions

When you use an online car auction to purchase a vehicle, it’s important to understand one thing. You will not be able to take possession of the vehicle yourself. This is because the auction site from which the vehicle was sourced is closed to the public. One needs to be properly licensed in order to enter the auction site and take possession the vehicle. This is true no matter where the vehicle is purchased from, even if it’s right in your backyard.

Because of this, shipping and delivery are two costs that you’ll have to factor in when you use online car auctions to purchase a used car or a salvage car. Thankfully, arranging for this is not complex at all. When you use online car auction sites, you will be given access to an auction specialist. This person can arrange for everything from pick-up to shipping and delivery. Just work with that person when it comes to finding the best deal.

What About International Shipping and Delivery

Now, consumers in the United States aren’t the only people taking advantage of online car auctions. In fact, there is a rising number of buyers around the world who are attracted to the incredible deals that can be had in U.S. car auctions.

Here, one can avail themselves of the same level of assistance as domestic buyers. The auction specialist can arrange for international shipping. In doing so, you will also get assistance with clearing U.S. Customs & Border Protection.

However, things are not the same when it comes to clearing customs where you live. For this, you will need to get in touch with your country’s customs authority to find out what the rules and regulations are. Further, you will be responsible for ensuring that all relevant duties and taxes are paid once you accept delivery of the vehicle you purchased in a U.S. online car auction.

Online Car Auctions Work for Everyone

Given that shipping and delivery is an incredibly simple matter when you use online car auctions, there’s no reason not to give them a try. If you’re in the hunt for a great deal on your next vehicle, then you know what to do next. Sign up for an online car auction site and get hunting! A vehicle that meets your needs and budget is just a few mouse clicks away.