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Should I Buy an Auction Car?

By Mike Richards Updated: 03/03/2020 Posted: 09/13/2019

The used car market is undoubtedly growing, with more people expressing interest in purchasing used vehicles, including motorcycles. After deciding you are ready to buy a used car, you need to decide where to buy it. Do you look for a private seller, go to a dealership, or should you buy an auction car?

According to the 2016 National Auto Auction Association report, auctions around the United States had received over 17 million cars. This was a 2.3% increase from the previous year. Over nine million used vehicles are sold in the US every quarter. Almost half of these cars pass through auctions.

Although it can be tedious looking for a car at an auction, there are many advantages to buying a used car at an auction.

A Massive Number of Cars from Which to Choose

Salvage Car For Sale

If you buy a car from a private seller or a dealership, there is a chance you will not like the cars you see or fail to get the car you are interested in. Auto auctions, on the other hand, can offer you a much wider variety of vehicles, making it more likely that you will find a great deal for what you want. Many sellers choose auctions because the possibility of selling the car within a short time is high.

Whether you are physically going to an auction or shopping online, you need to have an idea of the car you are likely to buy. This will save you some time since you will focus on the car of your choice. It is best to have several options so that you can pick the best car from your preferred list.

Great Cars at a Reasonable Price

The price of the vehicle is a crucial factor for most used car buyers. Before visiting a public auto auction, you should find out the market price of the type of car and model you would like to buy. This way, you will know your bidding limit. It would also help to determine if you can afford the car or if you should opt for a cheaper brand and model.

You need to note that the cars at the auction are in different conditions. You will discover cars of the same brand and model but with different prices. Sometimes, the difference in price can be staggering. However, when buying used cars, it is crucial to consider more than just the cost of the car. The vehicle’s condition is equally important.

Auction sites like have a significant number of affordable cars. You just need to choose a vehicle that fits your budget.

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Different Categories of Car

Although used cars are sold at auctions, they are not all the same. Some are in mint condition, others require minimal repairs, while others, like salvage cars, may need extensive repairs. People visit auctions for various reasons, including the purchase of salvage cars. These vehicles are available at a low price.

Some of the damage on salvage cars is on the body, while some of the issues may be mechanical. These cars are popular because of their favorable prices. Some buyers buy these cars, fix them and sell them at a profit. It is best to determine the type of car you are interested in before visiting the auction. This way, you can focus on the vehicle that has captured your interest.

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