Should I Purchase a Used Hyundai Santa Fe?

By Mike Richards Posted: 10/20/2017

The Hyundai Santa Fe has received a number of awards for its design and safety, with many customers lauding the features and quality of this vehicle. It’s perfect for everything from travel to running errands – exactly what you expect from a crossover that does the job right. The 2015 Santa Fe is classified as a Sports Utility Van and it has better braking, acceleration, and handling than many other crossovers can promise.

Reasons to Consider the 2015 Santa Fe

There are, quite honestly, a ton of reasons to think about the Santa Fe for your next vehicle. It has a unique style, great features, modern technology, and a whole lot more. We’ll look at some of the things you’ll want to know before choosing one as your next used car buy.

  • Fuel Efficiency. You may not think a crossover would have great fuel economy but the Santa Fe is full of surprises. This vehicle boasts 25 mpg on the highway and 18 in the city, which is nothing to sneeze about. It may not be the only reason to buy a Santa Fe, but it’s not a reason to walk away from it.
  • Technology Options. Blue Link telematics is offered standard with the Santa Fe. You’ll find services like remote start, voice-activated text messaging, maintenance reminders, gas station search, and collision notifications are convenient to have. That’s only a short list of what Blue Link can offer you.
  • Hands-Free Liftgate. The smart liftgate now comes with an auto open option for the 2015 Santa Fe. You only stand a few feet away from the back bumper, with a key fob in a pocket or elsewhere and wait for the liftgate to open on its own. It requires no work from the owner.
  • Power Steering. The power steering offered uses a 32-bit microprocessor to refine the act of driving. There is a new sports setting that allows for firmer steering for those who prefer it. Steering has also been enhanced with the addition of front wheel bushings.
  • Interior Detailing. The materials in the interior are good quality, with higher-quality door panels than in past years. There’s an armrest with storage, along with a leather steering wheel. The cabin looks like it belongs to a luxury vehicle and is very fun to ride in for passengers and drivers alike.
  • Seating Capacity. The Santa Fe can handle up to seven people at once and comfortably. There are seat adjustments for convenience and comfort for passengers and drivers, as well.
  • Safety Options. In the event of a crash, a GPS signal is sent out that alerts emergency services who will arrive soon after. The crossover also offers side and driver airbags, a rear center seat belt, and more. If an accident occurs with a pedestrian, the car will open a bonnet that protects them from the solid components found in the engine bay.
  • The combination of daytime running lights and LED lights turn heads. The exterior has body color handles, and side mirrors offer turn signals. The new grill is two-tone to give a sportier vibe.

Cons of the 2015 Santa Fe

  • For some people, the idea of buying a foreign car is unfathomable. In that case, the Santa Fe is likely to be a mismatch as it is an imported car. However, for those who don’t mind, this will probably not even register as a pro or con.
  • Cold Air. Some users of the Santa Fe have noticed an issue where cold air blows in the back of the vehicle when it should be heated. However, this is often easily rectified by putting the heat on maximum and allowing it to heat up for a while before opening the vents.
  • Earlier models of the Santa Fe garnered complaints about things like inaccurate gas gauges, problems with stalling, and transmission issues. Some may worry those still apply, though the newer models do not have these same complaints.

The Hyundai Santa Fe certainly offers more positives than negatives, and many of the negatives are personal preferences. This crossover is an excellent choice for many, including families and those who enjoy long trips with friends. The car is high quality and offers great performance. It’s one to consider for your next used car purchase.