Should You Buy a New or Used Mercedes?

By Mike Richards Posted: 10/23/2017

Have you always wanted to sit behind the wheel of your very own luxury vehicle? Having a luxury car might have been something you aspired to when you were younger, but you find that the price of these vehicles is still too high when they are brand-new. If you love the idea of luxury, but the prices are getting you down, consider buying used cars online instead. It could be a good option, but you will want to think about both the pros and cons to make sure it is the right decision for you.

Pros of Buying a Used Mercedes

One of the benefits of buying a used Mercedes is simply the fact that you will then have a Mercedes. These are highly sought after and beloved vehicles. If this is something that has been on your mind for a long time, few things are going to feel as good as sliding behind the wheel for the first time and starting the engine.

When you choose a luxury car, you will notice the difference between this and standard cars almost immediately. The interior of these vehicles tends to be very impressive. Instead of having molded plastic everywhere, you will notice that the vehicles utilize better quality materials. They are often very comfortable. These vehicles often handle very nicely, too.

You already love the aesthetics of the Mercedes brand, and you know that it carries with it a certain reputation. Not only are these good cars, but everyone knows they are luxury cars. While having a status symbol might not be the only thing on your mind when you are looking at used cars for sale, it certainly is nice.

Naturally, the reason so many are looking to buy used Mercedes and other luxury vehicles is because of the price. When you look at the price of a brand-new luxury car, the sticker price can be a shock. Buying used can help you to save thousands of dollars on the vehicle that you want, and you will not have to worry about depreciation as much. The first owner of the car took the hit on depreciation in the first year. The first year always has the largest amount of depreciation, and being able to avoid that can help you save thousands.

Cons of Buying a Used Mercedes

While there are certainly a number of advantages to buying a used Mercedes, there could also be some potential disadvantages. Of course, these disadvantages are not unique to Mercedes; they extend to other luxury vehicles, as well. One of the things to consider is the amount of maintenance the vehicle might need. With luxury cars, it is possible that they will need to have more maintenance, especially when compared with a brand-new car. This could be additional money that you do not want to spend.

It could also be more difficult to find the exact car you want with all of the options and features already installed and ready to go. However, if you are patient, and you keep looking, you should find used cars for sale that will meet all, or at least most, of your needs.

Choose the Car that’s Best for You

Should you buy a used luxury car? Everyone’s answer will be different. If you find a great used car that is in good condition and has all of the features you want, it can be a fantastic option. Just make sure it is something you can truly afford and something that you are going to want to drive and love for years to come. If you have always wanted to have a luxury vehicle, and you finally have some money set aside, consider getting one of these vehicles used. You will be happy that you’ve finally started driving the car of your dreams.

Always take the time to understand exactly what you are buying so you can determine whether the price is right for the quality of the car being offered. If you find a car that’s not perfect and that doesn’t have everything you want and need, wait. You can continue searching until you find the one that’s right for you.