Ship a Car Overseas
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Simple Tips for Shipping Used American Cars Overseas 

By Mike Richards Updated: 08/03/2017 Posted: 10/21/2015

If you buy a vehicle in the United States and you need to ship it to another country, you need to understand as much as possible about the shipping process before you get started. In fact, it is actually a good idea to start thinking about shipping even before you consider buying a car, just so you know what to expect and what the possible costs will be.

Make Sure the Company Ships Internationally

The United States is full of shipping companies that can ship vehicles.  However, not all of these companies are able to ship overseas. When you choose your used American cars at auction, or even through a dealer, you need to make sure the company you use has the capability to ship out of the country.

Make sure it is actually able to ship to your country specifically. Some companies will ship only to certain countries, and yours might not be on the list, even though they describe themselves as an international shipper.

You also need to think about how the vehicle will get from the auction to the port for international shipping. It’s a good idea to find a shipping company that can handle both shipping across the US as well as international shipping. It is generally cheaper than trying to hire two different companies for the different legs of the journey.

Reputation of the Shipper

You should research the reputation of the company. You are shipping a vehicle, and you certainly want to have a company that has a good record of safety and quality customer service. If the company is notoriously late when shipping, or if you find that customers have complained about the condition of the vehicle when it arrived, it is time to start looking for a different shipper.

Something else you need to do is make sure the company has enough insurance coverage for your vehicle. All companies should have insurance, but you need to be sure it can cover your particular vehicle. For example, if you buy an exotic used American car, you should check if the company can cover it.

What Will It Cost?

Before you buy a car, it is very important that you understand all of the shipping costs associated with it, as well as any fees for exporting and importing you will need to pay. You can talk with the customs office in your country, as well as the shipping company, to get an estimate of the fees. Consider this a part of your budget when you buy the car.

While it is not always possible for shipping companies to provide you with firm dates when it comes to delivery, they should be able to give you an estimate of when the vehicle will arrive. This is important to know so you can be ready to get to the port and pick up the vehicle when it gets there. Keep in mind that many things can delay shipping, including time spent in customs in the US and even the weather.

When you find a shipping company for your car, read all of the paperwork and ask questions on anything you do not understand. Keep the paperwork in order, and get ready for your new vehicle to arrive. It will be there before you know it.

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