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Toyota RAV4 Review By The Auction Experts

All auto manufacturers have their take on the meaning of an SUV. Toyota is no exception, having several different takes on what an SUV should be and deliver a style …

6 months ago updated 09/24/2018
Used Car Prices Increase Amid Rising Auction Volumes

Usually seen as slow months in the United States used car market, June and July have seen a significant increase in sales volumes of used cars. The increasing volumes also …

6 months ago updated 01/09/2019
Tips for Buying a Used Car

For the majority of people, buying a used car is the best, or in some cases only, option for acquiring their next vehicle. Of course, buying a used car makes …

7 months ago
Top 30 High-Performance Used Cars for Any Budget

When it comes to finding the best deal on a high-performance used cars, there are many options out there on the market today.
Thanks to the growing surplus of cars, the …

7 months ago updated 01/09/2019
What automakers to consider when buying a used car?

Let us be frank for a moment. Buying a car can be a tricky decision, especially if you don’t know that much about cars. So, deciding on a vehicle will …

7 months ago updated 10/23/2018
Demand is Driving Higher Used Car Prices in 2018

A lot has changed in the US used car market over the years. In the old days, used cars had a reputation for being poor quality, uncomfortable, outdated and unreliable …

7 months ago
Toyota Camry tops the charts in the midsize sedan segment

Japanese car manufacturing giant Toyota has a few entries in the sedan category that rank very highly among U.S. customers. However, while the compact sedan Corolla is often knocked for …

7 months ago
Why are Used Cars So Affordable in the UAE?

Acquiring a used car in the UAE is a better and cheaper option than to purchase a new car. This is according to research conducted by CarSwitch, a Dubai based …

7 months ago
30 Used Cars Under 30 MPG

We are going to take a look at 30 of our favorite cars that get at least 30 miles per gallon. These are cars that are worth buying if good …

7 months ago updated 01/09/2019
How to buy your next used truck from dealer’s auction

If you are in the market for a used truck, there are three main ways that you can obtain one. The most obvious way to purchase a used truck is …

7 months ago
Toyota Land Cruiser Review

When it comes to the Japanese automaker Toyota, excellence and dependability are the hallmarks of most of their cars. However, some go above that standard and outshine all other vehicles …

7 months ago
Toyota Corolla Review: The top seller sedan.

When a car beats the legendary Volkswagen Beetle regarding sales numbers, then the manufacturer must have done something right. And the Japanese giant Toyota has certainly done plenty right with …

7 months ago
Used Car Prices are Spiking in 2018 – and the Trade War May Be to Blame

Trade War?

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump’s announced a 25 percent tariff on car parts, and car accessories (e.g., the aluminum and steel that car makers used to make) used …

7 months ago
The Honda CR-V: What Do the Reviews Say?

The Honda CR-V: The perfect family vehicle?
Looking for the right family car is not always an easy task. Choosing from so many options out there, from SUVs to sedans to …

7 months ago updated 08/23/2018
Used car sales continue to grow in 2018

Nowadays, there is a rising trend of people opting for used cars rather than new ones. Of course, buying used vehicles comes with certain benefits like no immediate depreciation and …

7 months ago