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The Easy Way to Get Brand New Cars from Online Auctions 

By Mike Richards Updated: 01/30/2018 Posted: 10/22/2015

You don’t have to rely on traditional methods to buy cars anymore. You don’t have to go to the car lot or scour the classified ads in the local paper to find a decent car or truck, especially when there are so many car auction websites available to the public. Even general online auction sites like eBay, a name almost everyone is familiar with, are known as a great alternative when it comes to buying cars – especially used cars.

However, what if you want to buy a new car? Even the most tech-savvy person is likely to dismiss the idea of finding a brand new car for sale anywhere except on a dealer’s lot out in the “real” world. However, you can also find a new car for sale from an online auction site. The trick is just to know where to look. To that end, here’s the easy way to get a brand new car from an online auction site.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Public Auction Sites

Websites like eBay are open to the public. This means that you don’t need to satisfy any particular requirements in order to gain access to what items are listed and available for bids.

However, the vast majority of these public auction sites have items – including cars – that are being auctioned off by private owners. This means that you’ll never be able to find a brand new car from a public auction site unless you’re very lucky. Even if you do, the price of the car is likely to be so high as to not be much of a bargain over just buying it at a dealership anyway.

What you need to do instead is to look into auction sites that aren’t open to the public. Private auction sites usually only allow industry insiders to bid on their items. When it comes to private online car auctions, this means that you won’t be able to gain access to the site unless you have your own car dealer’s license.

This is because the new cars offered on these auction sites are often available at wholesale prices. Dealers then buy these cars at wholesale and then mark them up – sometimes significantly – in order to turn a profit. What this means to you is that you can get a truly fantastic price on a brand new car if you can figure out a way to get behind the velvet rope and into a dealer auction environment.

However, just because you can’t access these auction sites without a dealer’s license doesn’t mean the cars are entirely out of your reach.

Find a Third-Party Bidding Service

You’re in luck when it comes to finding a way into the restricted dealer’s circle. There are companies that specialize in providing non-dealers access to some of these dealer auctions. These companies have dealer’s licenses of their own, and they offer their customers the use of their license in order to view, bid, and even buy cars outright on dealer sites by acting as a proxy.

Third-party bidding services therefore unlock the secrets of these online auctions to the general public, and it’s a sure way to bid on and buy brand new cars without having to subject yourself to the traditional car dealership experience. No longer will you need to haggle with a car salesman in order to get a good deal on a new vehicle.

Additionally, these third-party proxy bidder companies do more than just let you access and bid on a dealer auction’s inventory of vehicles. A large number of these companies provide shipping services by transporting your new car directly to your address.

This isn’t limited to just customers in the United States, either – these companies will often arrange for newly-bought cars to be shipped overseas, provided a buyer is willing to pay the costs to have a vehicle loaded onto a container ship or roll-on/roll-off cargo vessel and also pay all the import duties and other associated taxes and fees. The price of such shipping services will vary by vehicle and by destination, but the service itself is available, and usually at competitive rates.

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