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The Most Popular Cars for Export to North Africa 

By Mike Richards Updated: 06/29/2022 Posted: 10/24/2015

Africa is the second biggest continent in the world, with nearly 15% of the total population of the world. Because Africa is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, it’s open to a huge amount of trade with non-African countries. The geographical, and in some cases, cultural and historical proximity between North African countries and Europe makes it easier for certain European car brands, especially French, to gain a foothold in North African markets.


Buying Online

Used car exporters offer high-quality vehicles at low prices to North Africa, and with the Internet, it has become very easy for North Africans to buy quality vehicles. Virtually every car exporter has a website on which North African buyers can view cars that are for sale. Then they simply contact the exporter, buy the car, and begin the process of having it shipped to North Africa.


The Most Popular

So, which cars are most desirable for exporting to North Africa? In countries like Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, French cars are particularly popular. Brands such as Renault, Peugeot, Citroën and Dacia are particularly popular. The fact these countries are former French colonies and that a substantial portion of their population speaks French as a second language. Makes it easier for these brands to enter these markets.

Chinese manufacturers are also quite popular among buyers in North Africa, especially in Libya. Vehicles made by Chery and ZX are particularly popular among rebels in this war-torn country.

Japanese cars are also popular in many countries in North Africa, especially Toyota and Mitsubishi. These are some of the most popular cars in Egypt, together with South Korean makes such as Hyundai and Kia. These two are also popular in Tunisia and Algeria.

Japan has been a major exporter of goods to Africa by means of these sea routes. Japan is the world’s largest exporter of cars, especially used cars. That’s why so many Japanese vehicles end up in North Africa.


The Potential

There is much potential when it comes to exporting vehicles to North Africa, and many people are finding that buying quality cars at auction and exporting them to North Africa can prove lucrative. If you’re thinking of trying to buy cars at auction and exporting them to North Africa, investigate the legalities involved, as well as the logistics, and buy wisely.

Remember that the different countries in North Africa will have different rules and regulations regarding the importation of used vehicles. Also, take into account that some of these countries have recently been affected by considerable unrest. And that one of them, Libya, is going through a chaotic civil war. Research carefully and study the conditions in the country you are exporting to before you make any decisions.

Many car auctions are only open to dealers, but for some of these auctions you can use a proxy bidding company that will use their dealer license to buy on your behalf. They will even ship cars overseas for you, either as a service included in the fee or as one added on at a nominal cost. Working with one of these countries will help you navigate the difficulties in shipping a car to North Africa.

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