The Novice’s Guide to an Auto Dealer Auction

By Mike Richards Posted: 09/22/2017

You would purchase antiques at an auction, right? Maybe you would even consider purchasing even bigger ticket items at an auction, like a property that has been foreclosed or is part of an estate. Yet, according to some experts, “when it comes to the second most expensive purchase most of us will ever make – a car – many of us shy away from the auction house“. On one hand, it is understandable because a public auction can be like a mystery bag with an unpleasant surprise for the ill-advised buyer. A dealer auction, on the other hand, works entirely differently, and offers you a chance to do a lot more research and planning.

Getting in On a Dealer Auction

If you have yet to hear about a dealer auction, you are like millions of other consumers. You probably think of a car buying experience as starting on a dealer’s lot, and you might even think you have some protections using this route. After all, they offer limited warrantees, don’t they? Yes, but most are 30-90 days on the drivetrain alone, making them nearly valueless. They have only the best cars or trucks, correct? Sure, but do you know where they come from?

The one thing to keep in mind about your certainty that you can only get quality cars from regular dealerships is that those cars don’t just magically arrive on the lots. The dealership has to go out and find this inventory, and the place they most often fill up their stock is a dealer auction. They pay the lowest possible prices, and then they turn around and boost those prices to profit from the sale.

So, what if you can cut out this super costly middle man or woman? Wouldn’t you be happy to obtain a car or truck from the very same source? While you too might have to consider if the vehicle needs a bit of repair or cosmetic work, it is not different than what that dealership would do. Only now, you are not paying a premium, or even at all, for them to do it.

Naturally, you might be thinking that if it is so cost effective and easy, shouldn’t everyone be doing this already? Most consumers probably would, except a dealer auction is just that – for dealers only.

Proxies Save Your Budget

Fortunately, the advent of the Internet has created a unique window of opportunity for proxies to offer their access to dealers only auctions. There are now incredibly straightforward websites that let you search for any sort of vehicle, create a simple online account, and then have the site’s agents do the bidding and buying for you. You simply name the budget (keeping in mind that you’ll want to go a bit higher than a dealer), and they handle the rest.

Why pay premium prices for the unneeded and unwelcome middle man/woman services when you can have a car dealer auction site handle it instead? You save a huge amount of money and still get a reliable, quality ride.