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The Importance on Why You Should Download a Vehicle History Report

By Odet Garcia Updated: 03/12/2021 Posted: 02/15/2021

The process of buying any used car at an online car auction is actually quite simple. However, it can be risky when a buyer doesn’t take the time to prepare. We’ve discussed before the importance of research before buying at an auction. Research is fundamental in order to know every detail about the car. The vehicle history report must be included in this research, as is the tool that will show you the car’s mileage, previous owner/s, or any damages that it may have. Not looking at the vehicle history report may lead to very expensive damages with time. 

Many issues that car buyers have with used cars can be avoided. Completing a thorough research prior to the purchase will help you. Downloading a vehicle history report is one of the first things you must check off your research list. Many online car auction sites can give you the option of downloading many reports for free. There are also other sites where you can find these reports. This can help you take a look at different car options before you decide. 

Benefits of the Vehicle History Report

As we mentioned before, this report helps you know all the important information about the vehicle. It will show you the car’s mileage, previous owners, the title, and if it was involved in any accident. This information will be very useful for you in order to decide which used car to purchase. You can avoid any surprises after you have purchased the vehicle. Hence, avoiding any unwanted expenses on unknown damages. We’ll list in this article some of the things you can avoid with the vehicle history report.

Issues with the Car’s Title

A car’s title is a legal certificate of ownership that can also be an indicator of the car’s state. There are different types of titles depending on the amount of damage of the car or if it’s a new vehicle. For example, a salvage title indicates that the car has had a fair amount of damage and could’ve been declared as total loss. These types and names may vary depending on the state – some states don’t even recognize the salvage type. 

This is why the vehicle history report is important. People can find a way to re-register a salvage title vehicle in a state where it is not recognized, leading to hiding the real condition of the vehicle. The vehicle history report will show the complete damage history and the real history of the car. It’s a safe bet to avoid scams.

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Mileage Fraud

Altered odometers are very common when people try to get rid of a faulty used vehicle. This is especially common in cases where an inspection can’t be conducted in person. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 450,000 of sold cars each year are affected by mileage or odometer fraud. Downloading a vehicle history report can help you avoid this type of fraud. The report will record all odometer readings through the car’s lifespan. Ultimately, running this report will confirm any suspicion you may have about the vehicle’s mileage.

Inadequate Repairs

Remember what we mentioned about car titles? Well, you can sometimes find used cars that were declared total loss with repairs that are only half-done. They were mediocrely fixed up just to look decent in order to re-sell them quickly. These cars may have some titles that do not reflect their real conditions. A vehicle history report is very useful in these cases as it will show you the different titles that were given to the vehicle throughout its lifespan. This will help you see if there are any underlying issues that need your attention.

Ultimately, running the vehicle history report with the VIN number of the car you’re interested in buying is the best way to go. Not only will you make sure the vehicle doesn’t have any issue that you don’t know of, but you will also make sure you’re making the right decision.