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Three Ways to Find Used Cars in the USA for Sale 

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 10/20/2015

Is it time to get another vehicle? Whether you are looking for a car or a truck you will drive as your primary vehicle, a second vehicle, or a first vehicle for a family member that just learned to drive, used cars can be a great option.

This is where many people turn when they are searching for a vehicle, as they want to make sure they are getting a car without spending a fortune. You have a number of different options when it comes to finding these types of cars, and we’ll be covering three of the most prominent and successful methods in this article.

A Used Car Dealership

Naturally, a car dealership is probably the first thing that you think about when you start looking for used cars in the USA for sale. You might want to check out some of the local dealers in your area to see what they have in stock and what they are charging for the vehicles.

It’s always a good idea to check the Kelley Blue Book prices for any vehicle that you are considering, no matter where you are buying. This is especially true when you are going through a dealer, as dealers often raise the prices of the vehicles so they can make the most potential profit. You can still negotiate with them – and you should – so you can get the price as close to the Blue Book price as possible.

One of the problems of using this type of method to find used cars is the fact that you will not always have much of a selection. Most used dealerships, even the larger ones, still have a limited inventory. In the end, you might not be able to find what you want. Additionally, you may not like the idea of buying through a dealer because you have to go into the dealership and haggle. Some people enjoy this, but for most it is a pain.

Private Owners

Another option you could always consider when looking for used cars for sale in the USA is to go through private owners. They tend to advertise in newspapers as well as online want-ad sites such as Craigslist. Again, one of the drawbacks to this is that you will have a limited selection of vehicles available from which you can choose.

Additionally, you will often have to negotiate with the seller for a price you feel comfortable with, and you need to meet the owner to inspect the vehicle as well. That is not always safe. If this is the route you decide you want to go, make sure you take at least one other person with you. It’s a good idea to bring a mechanic along with you if possible to get an idea of what might be wrong with the vehicle that the owner is not telling you.

Buying at Auction

A third option is to buy at auction. At first, these might seem intimidating to some buyers who have never had to go through an auction. If you are buying at a public auction where you are bidding against other people, then it certainly can be a bit scary.

However, there is a better option. You can find online auctions that have a wide range of different vehicles for sale – even new cars in some cases. Buying online makes the process far less intimidating, particularly when you are working with a third party dealer that can help with the bidding. They also allow you to bid at dealer auctions, which you would not be able to do on your own, since you would need to have a dealer license.

One of the things you need to remember about the auctions, though, is that some of the used cars for sale at auction have salvage titles. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It means you can get the vehicles much cheaper. However, you will need to make repairs to the vehicle before you can get a rebuilt title and get it on the road again.

Another thing to remember about these vehicles is that getting insurance coverage that’s greater than liability coverage can be difficult. There are some companies out there that will offer collision and comprehensive, but you will need to search for them.

With these three buying options for used cars for sale in the USA, you should be able to find a nice selection of different vehicles from which to choose. Take your time to learn as much about the vehicle and any potential problems it has before buying so you do not have buyer’s remorse.

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