Time to Get Your Car Ready for Summer!

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/26/2022 Posted: 09/22/2017

It may only be the start of spring for most of our readers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not time to start thinking about summer for your car. Vehicles can actually be very sensitive to changing seasons, especially if you live in an area where the temperature difference between seasons is extreme. If you are getting ready to shop for auction cars for sale for your used car lot, you’ll want to set aside some time to summer-proof all your new purchases.

Summer Time Challenges for Cars

Whether you are buying auction cars for sale, or you’re just working on your own car, there are specific challenges in summer for vehicles. Primarily, the heat and the fact that we tend to put more miles on our cars in the summer. Road trips are the quintessential summer activity, aren’t they? And used car sales always pick up in the summer, when teenagers get summer jobs and families decide it’s time to test out a bigger vehicle for vacation.

It’s common to see car owners heading out for summer fun without thinking about the things they need to do to get their cars ready for the season – and usually these are the same people who are always responsible with putting on their snow tires each year. Summer can be just as dangerous for cars if you aren’t prepared.

Summer Proof Your Car

When you bring back all those auction cars you got for sale, it’s time to summer proof them! The first thing is to get rid of any winterizing that was done. Take off the snow tires and store them away for next year. Then check the systems, paying special attention to the air conditioner. It can quickly get into the triple digits inside a hot car, so the air conditioning system is more essential than ever.

It’s also a good idea to check the antifreeze, the wiper fluid, and all other fluids. They can evaporate in the heat, so it’s best to start with full supplies. It’s not fun to head out for your summer road trip only to break down halfway!

Finally, if this is your personal car that you are summer proofing, be sure to swap out the seasonal items in your emergency kit. Extra thick blankets might need to be swapped out for extra sunscreen instead. Consider what you’d need for survival if you broke down both in the day and the night – in some desert area, the summer nights can still get pretty chilly.

Always Check Auction Cars for Sale

Auction cars for sale don’t tend to come with the fluids checked and topped off, or the air conditioner guaranteed to work. So when you get back from an auction, or your shipment from an online auction shows up, be sure that you check these things right away so that your stock is all set for the summer.