What is Salvage title? Export cars from the U.S.

Tips for Exporting a US Salvaged Car to Angola 

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 10/16/2015

Just because a car is salvaged does not mean that it has become worthless. Many vehicles that no longer have a home in America may find their way overseas where aspiring mechanics and dealers are ready and able to get them back into working condition.

Also, there are parts and other components of a vehicle that has been scrapped by an insurance company that makes it valuable to other buyers. Many such vehicles make their way to one of the hundreds of car auctions held all over the country on a regular basis. Many of the buyers at these auctions then turn around and export the vehicles abroad, where a ready market awaits them and they can recoup their investment, and make a profit.

It is becoming big business, but for those that are interested in getting involved, there is a lot to learn. For example, you must be aware that there are different policies and regulations for exporting salvage vehicles to almost any nation on Earth, so research into the process is critical. With that knowledge in mind, look at the following tips for exporting a salvaged car from the United States to Angola.

Why Angola?

The used car market in Angola is booming, and used cars from America are among the most commonly sold in that country. Export cars from the United States are quite popular in Angola due to name recognition, and due to the fact that cars are relatively hard to come by.

As a result, used cars are quite commonly sold there, and this includes salvage vehicles. The market is becoming quite developed in Angola, and there are now numerous official websites operating inside the country detailing the entire process and which vehicles are being offered for sale.

What To Do

In order to successfully export a car or truck to Angola, however, the following guidelines should be understood and followed.

  • The owner of the vehicle must ensure that all proper documentation is filled out and signed by the relevant authorities. It is also important at this stage to obtain the requisite license of import that is required by Angola. This is a critical step in the shipping of cars to this country, and failure to obtain the proper license will severely hold up the process on the other end, and likely make the entire process expensive and rather time-consuming. The license of import needs to include a great deal of information required for the export of salvage vehicles, such as the certificate number, or ARC number, in addition to a transportation certificate that must be obtained from the Angolan Shipper’s Council.
  • Whoever is exporting the vehicle should work to minimize the risks that are normally involved when shipping a car or truck from one nation to another. This includes making sure that the vehicle is properly loaded into a shipping vessel, that it is wrapped or covered depending upon the condition of the vehicle, and that a reputable shipping company is chosen for the actual export.
  • Before the vehicle is actually shipped, the person or agency that currently owns the car must get it insured. They must note the current condition of the vehicle and what they intend on doing with it once it arrives in Angola.

This process will help ensure the comfortable import of a salvage vehicle from the United States to Angola. If you obey the rules and regulations set up in Angola, you should find the process relatively straightforward.

Of course, once the vehicle is in Angola, you will want to make sure that it is properly rebuilt and that it passes the inspections required by that country. When you get ready to sell it at that point, make sure that you have all of the proper documentation, and then set out to find a buyer.

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