What is Salvage title?

Tips for Narrowing Down Your Choices Among Auction Cars for Sale

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 09/21/2017

One of the simplest ways to narrow down your choices among the auction cars for sale is to simply opt for public auctions. These are never stocked with premium vehicles and are often salvage, surplus or cars and trucks in need of serious attention, repair and expenditure. However, if you want a relatively broad field of options among auction cars for sale, you can align yourself with a licensed dealer who will do all of the legwork for you.

Using this approach enables you to gain access to auction cars for sale that would normally have been available only to licensed dealers looking to resell them at the highest price on their lots. By working with a licensed dealer, though, you eliminate the costly middle man (or woman) who makes a huge profit by buying auction cars for sale at low prices and then turning around and selling them for much higher prices.

Search Engines Are Helpful

Of course, there is truth in too much of a good thing, and working with such dealers can provide you with too many choices. The good news is that the best sites of this kind develop very functional search engines that allow you to input a lot of data and filters. You may be able to look at the years of production, make, model and even style. You can add filters for the status of the title (such as salvage or clean), mileage and more.

Doing this allows you to get very specific about the kinds of auction cars for sale you are willing to purchase. It also allows you to explore the current batch of vehicles available and do some preliminary research to see if pricing is aligned with what your budget is, as well.

Doing the Research

Once you have a few potential vehicles on your radar, it is a good idea to note if there are “buy now” prices as well as starting or existing bids. This can show you if there is a lot of competition for the vehicles you are interested in, and if that is likely to drive up the prices. The buy now options also cue you as to the price that a vehicle may be most likely to sell for in the auction.

You can then take such data as the vehicle’s VIN, condition, mileage and other data and use it to conduct some “blue book” or NADA pricing research. Do those figures line up with the car’s estimated price? Are they much higher? If so, you have a good choice and it should remain on your list of potentials.

While it can be incredibly easy to get carried away by the choices you’ll find in the average auction cars available, you will want to narrow them down and work directly with your agent to make the best choices. Ask them about such issues as shipping or other steps that can bump up the price. Once you have the details on your top three to five options, you can make the wisest purchase possible.