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Top Five Cars Perfect for Ride-Sharing Services in Nigeria

By Femi Amisu Updated: 06/10/2023 Posted: 10/18/2018

Considering taking up a side-job as an Uber or Taxify driver in Nigeria? Great idea! Many young professionals and middle-class Nigerians are doing so already and are making substantial secondary income. First of all, your significant and primary concern is to get the perfect car that can withstand consistent use. As well as the different road conditions you will most certainly come up against taking passengers to their destinations. You can search and purchase the perfect cars on Auto Auction Mall at a fraction of the retail price. Here is a list of the top five cars perfect for ride-sharing services in Nigeria.

The two most dominant ride-sharing apps in Nigeria are Uber and Taxify. Both of them in a span of a few years have been able to expand across Nigeria providing much need employment and additional income for its drivers. It is no surprise to see a continued rise in the number of their drivers.

Therefore, your choice of car will ultimately affect your profits if you don’t put into consideration some key factors before purchasing your car to help you reduce the cost of operations.

Factors like fuel efficiency, availability, and cost of parts, and availability of skilled manpower should be put at the forefront of any car type decision you want to make. Off the bat, you’ll observe that most ride-sharing service drivers have a preference for Japanese cars, specifically Corolla and Camry models and this is no coincidence. You can also purchase Toyota Corolla or Camry car straight from US dealer-only auction and save $1000s on the perfect car for ride-sharing services.

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However, if you’re planning to apply to these services, know that they have car conditions that have to be met before you can be signed on. Generally, a car that is properly registered, in good condition (usually 2000 model and above) and is clean and comfortable on the inside with functional air conditioning will meet most criteria.

Planning to ride for any of the ride-sharing apps, these five cars are the standard choice of cars based on fuel efficiency, durability, cost of maintenance, availability of spare parts and skilled technical help. Therefore, if your goal is to maximize profit and minimize cost take a look below.

1. Toyota Corolla 2003-2007

Toyota Corolla car models from 2003-2007 are easy to handle, have respectable ground clearance making them perfect for extended use demands of ride-sharing apps.

2023 Toyota Crown | Toyota USA Newsroom

They also tick all the conditions required by the ride-sharing platforms and are very functional with good braking systems, extremely fuel efficient, 26/35 mpg or 9.0/6.7 L/100km. The interior of cars in this group are styled for comfort and simplicity. You don’t have to think too far to understand why it is preferred.

To see and purchase Toyota Corollas at a fraction of the retail price from U.S. auctions, click here.

2. Honda Accord 2003-2009

Honda Accord is a sedan four-door and four passenger vehicle that also meets the demand of prospecting drivers and ticks all the checklists of the ride-sharing platforms. If you own any Honda Accord from 2003-2009, you’re in for business. Honda Accords are also known for fuel efficiency like the Toyota Corolla and have incredible interiors that seem years ahead of their time.

Nigerian roads can do a number on the steering rack/columns of Honda cars especially the Accord models. You have to make sure you check your wheels regularly and listen for funny cranky sounds. If it comes to the worst, parts are readily available so no worries.

Other than this, you have on your hands a really reliable vehicle for Taxify or Uber jobs. To see and purchase Honda Accord cars at a fraction of the retail price from U.S. auctions, click here.

3. Toyota Camry 2004-2006

The 2004-2006 Toyota Camry is a sedan five-passenger vehicle built for people who are not fans of trucks. It is also for people who like simplicity and desire comfort.

The 2004-2006 Camry has a luxurious, beautiful interior and sometimes comes in 6-cylinder options that are just perfect for the ride-sharing platforms and challenging Nigerian roads. This is the next most common car type used on ride-sharing platforms after the Toyota Corolla.

And it’s not the comfort alone. As with all Toyota cars, fuel conservation is another feature you’ll enjoy. If you have a Toyota Camry from 2004-2006, you might want to consider becoming an uber driver too.  To see and purchase Toyota Camry cars at a fraction of the retail price from U.S. auctions, click here.

4. Kia Rio 2014

Talk about sleek cars, that’s KIA! The KIA Company has some of the most beautiful sedan cars you can think of. The KIA Rio 2014 is comfortable. It also fulfills Uber/Taxify requirements and is safe and spacious enough to convey four passengers, excluding the driver.

With a fuel efficiency of 7.5 (Manual City), 5.3 (Manual Highway), an engine Engine1.6L L4 DOHC 16-valve, and 138 hp @ 6300 rpm, you’re sure of 5 stars from your passengers when you give them a ride.  To see and purchase KIA cars at a fraction of the retail price from U.S. auctions, click here.

5. Toyota Camry 2008-2010

These are the new generation Camry’s in Nigeria. These models like previous models are functional, reliable, and comfortable. They are super luxurious with comfy seats and all the modern safety features you would want in a car.

Take the Toyota Camry 2009 for example. It is firm, functional, can be easily fixed. The Camry also minimizes fuel consumption and is equipped to provide comfort in both hot and cold weather conditions. You’ll have zero problems scaling through the prospective driver assessments and getting 5-star ratings from your passengers.

Key specs of the Toyota Camry 2009 to take note of include fuel efficiency 23-26 Combined MPG, an engine with 158-hp, 2.4-liter I-4 (regular petrol). To see and purchase Toyota Camry cars at a fraction of the retail price from U.S. auctions, click here.

If you own any of these cars and you’ve been wondering if it’ll be good enough for the job, I have good news, it’s perfect!