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Top Reasons People Buy New Cars Online 

By Mike Richards Updated: 09/01/2017 Posted: 10/20/2015

Anyone who has visited their local dealership’s website knows that the prices they have available are lower than those on the lot. Special internet pricing can be very tempting to any driver on a budget. There are also useful tools that let you determine the value of your trade, apply for financing, and search for the specific vehicle you have in mind.

The problem with buying a new car online, however, is that eventually you have to deal with the dealership one-on-one.

A Better Way to Buy a Car Online

Buying a car online from an auction is becoming increasingly popular, partly because it bypasses the dealership altogether. Any person from any location in the world can purchase a vehicle if they have an internet connection. You even have the option to hire a car broker that can take care of many of the details for you, so that you can get a good quality car that is right for you.

Another reason that people buy cars online is the lower price. Buyers expect to pay less for used cars, both online and in person. What they may not expect is the lower price that is available to them at an online auction. Cost is always important and vehicles that don’t sell quickly on the car lot can end up being sold for less when they go to auction.

Responsibilities of Car Auctions

Like car dealers, auctions are bound by the laws of the Federal Trade Commission. Part of these requirements includes posting a Buyer’s Guide before the vehicle is offered for sale. This only applies to auctions that are open to the public. This is one way that consumers are protected when they buy a car at auction without needing to have a lot of knowledge about cars.

Another way to ensure you get a good quality car that is worth the price you pay is through a broker service. Brokers have in-depth knowledge about vehicles and auctions and can help you find the best possible value. If you purchase a vehicle online for the purpose of saving money, you should either have knowledge of vehicles or a reputable broker.

Choosing from a Greater Selection

When buyers go to their local dealership, they have the option to take advantage of any specials and purchase a vehicle that is on the lot or to order the vehicle that they really want and pay the price. When they shop online, they have the choice of thousands of vehicles, all at a lower than dealer price. The wide selection makes it easier to find the make and model that they really want without paying more.

Buying a new car online offers a number of advantages. The selection also includes new cars for the current year and those for the previous year for even greater savings and a better selection of features.

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