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Top Things You Must Do When Buying a Used Car

By Mike Richards Updated: 04/18/2020 Posted: 02/24/2019

The demand for used cars has grown significantly over the past couple of years. The price tag on new cars and the constant change in technology has led many buyers to opt for used cars. The steep depreciation in the value of new cars has also played a significant role in the decision made by many people to buy a used car. Many factors determine the condition of a used car. To make sure you are buying a used car that is in great shape, there are several things you must do.

Go with Your Mechanic to Check the Car

If you have identified a used car you are interested in buying, it is critical that you bring an expert. Your mechanic will look at more than the body of the car, and especially the engine. The engine is the backbone of the car. If it is not working right, a vehicle with a beautiful exterior and interior will be of no use to you.

When buying a used car, there is the possibility of the car requiring repairs. Some of these repairs may be minor while others are massive. Mechanics know what to look out for. They know which sounds are problematic and which ones need minor repairs. Your mechanic will guide you in deciding if you are getting value for money.

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Look at the Exterior and Interior of the Car

Most used car sellers use the body of the car to justify its price. A car that has no dents or scratches is likely to fetch a higher price than a car whose body is damaged. Paying attention to the body of the car is essential. Check if the body was repainted or if it has the original paintwork. There are several tests you can carry out to see if the car was in an accident and repainted.

Check if the color under the hood is the same as the body. Also look out for bumps on different parts of the car using your finger. Unless the person who handled the repairs and the paint job did a perfect job, it is easy to spot a car that has been in an accident before and had the exterior repainted. The interior of the car is also important. Since you will be spending some time in the car, ask yourself if you will enjoy sitting in this car when stuck in traffic. Ensure the interior has everything you would like in a car.

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Research the Price of the Car

Before you start looking for a used car, get an idea of the type of car you would like to buy. This will make it easier for you to set a budget. You will also be able to tell if the asking price of used cars you see is too high or too low. Although it is tempting to choose a car that has a relatively lower price, it is vital that you find out why it costs so little. If you are lucky, you may find the owner just wants to let go of the car. However, the most likely reason for an abnormally low price is the condition of the car. This could end up being extremely costly on the long run. It is important to consider the condition of the car against the price tag.

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Check the Vehicle History

This is a critical step to follow when buying a used car. Carfax offers a detailed account of cars including any issues regarding the title, the type of title, the ownership history, and possible accidents the car may have been involved in. One of the benefits of carrying out a vehicle history search is you will know how many people have owned the car before you. This will give you an idea of the condition of the car.

Check Reviews of the Car

When you decide the type and model of car you would like to buy, find out if there are any reviews of the used car. There are several sites that give you detailed reviews on the car. From these reviews, you will know the engine size, the engine power, the fuel economy, and the reliability of the car. Try to find out if any crash tests were carried out on the model of car you are interested in.

Take the Car for a Test Drive

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Once you find a vehicle you are interested in, request to take it for a test drive. Listen for any noises when you drive on both smooth and bumpy roads. You need to be strategic when you decide where to take the car for a test drive. Find an area where you can turn the steering wheel to a 90 degree angle to the right and left. When the car has cooled, use your finger to check if the exhaust pipe is oily or not. If it is oily, it shows the engine is burning oil. This is a sign that you should not buy the car. If you can, take your mechanic with you. He might discover something about the car during the test drive that you could easily miss.

Take the time to Decide on the Car to Buy

When you choose to buy a used car, do not be in a hurry to pay and take the car home on the same day. Take your time to find out which automobile is most suitable for you. Find out where you can buy used cars from and how much you should expect to pay. You can purchase used cars from auction sites, car selling sites, and from individuals. When you compare the prices of the cars from these sources, you may find that one source may be selling the car at a lower price. You may miss on buying a car at a bargain if you rush.

It is possible to get a used car that you will drive for a long time. However, you need to know what you are looking for in a car. If technology is a priority for you, you should consider the more recent car as opposed to older models. The cost of running the car also needs to be taken into consideration. Understanding what to look out for will help you make the right decision.