Toyota vs. Ford Used Cars

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/22/2018 Posted: 11/29/2017

Are you torn between a Ford or a used Toyota cars for sale (used vehicle), and need some help deciding which is the better buy? Both of these brands have numerous vehicle types with everything from old standbys to new, exciting options. They also both have loyal customers who will tell you their brand is clearly superior.

But what’s the real answer? We look at both brand’s lineups to determine the best choice for most drivers out there. Everything from style to reliability is considered so jump in with us and let’s get started.


J.D. Power & Associates Vehicle Dependability Study offers reliability ranking for brands, categories, and individual vehicles. Based on scores from 2014 related to vehicles and problems different drivers have had, Toyota is the clear winner of the round. They managed to grab a five out of five, while Ford only pulled in a three out of five. No competition, Toyota is up by one.


Looking at U.S. News safety scores, Ford and used Toyota for sale are pretty much neck to neck. Both have an average rating of 9.3 out of 10 based on 2017 models. The lowest score on Ford’s end is 8.5 for the C-Max Energi, while the high scores are with the Mustang and F150. Toyota, on the other hand, had a low score of 8.4 for the 4Runner but a perfect ten with the Prius Prime. This brings Toyota and Ford to a tie on safety, with Toyota still in the lead from the last category.


According to U.S. News performance scores, Ford managed to snag an 8.2 out of 10 while Toyota only brought in a 7.7. When it comes to Ford, the worst performing goes to the Taurus and the best to the Mustang. Toyota’s worst-performing vehicle is the Yaris, while the Camry is the best. That said, Ford has more vehicles with high scores. We’re giving this one to Ford to bring us to an exacttie.

Ranking of Small Cars

Ford has only two models in the U.S. News’ small car rankings, those being the Fiesta and Focus which both garnered good scores overall. Toyota’s Yaris IA, Prius, and Prius Prime match up with Ford, but their other models do not. The Corolla, Corolla IM, Yaris, and Prius C pull down their rating, giving this round to Ford for a one-point lead.

Ranking Midsize Vehicles

Toyota has some great scores here courtesy of the Camry and Camry Hybrid. They have higher scores than Ford’s offerings, as well as excellent reputation among the general public. With Ford, the Fusion and its hybrid versions are in the middle of the rankings. This gives Toyota a point for yet another tie between the two brands.

Compact SUV Ranking

Ford has the Escape in this classification match, and it’s near the top of the pile. It beats out both the RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid. The Escape also has excellent performance scores and is well-liked, in general. Flaws in Toyota’s line give this one to Ford.

Midsize SUV Ranking

Toyota has excellent vehicles in this area, and then they have the RAV4 which is near the bottom. Because of that, they beat Ford but only by a little. Ford has the Edge, which has pretty great ratings, but the Flex and Explorer don’t have the muster to push the numbers up. Toyota wins this by a tiny amount.

Large SUV Ranking

When it comes to the large SUVs, we’re looking at the Expedition and the Sequoia. The Sequoia is an excellent SUV, but the Expedition has more going for it with a smooth, comfortable ride and a well-rounded set of features. If Toyota were to implement a few upgrades, this might be a tie, but as it stands, Ford is the winner.

Truck Ranking

Ford has the F-150, which is one of the best-selling vehicles in the United States and beyond. It’s innovative, powerful, and well-known. Toyota offers the Tacoma which has some fight of its own in the form of great off-road features. However, the well-rounded aspect of the F-150 means Ford wins by a small amount.

In the end, Ford beats out Toyota, but not by that much. You can find great used options from either brand, especially if you consider the models that are topping lists. However, if you want the best of the best, Ford has it, at least for now.