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3 Affordable Vehicle Types You Can Find at Used Car Auctions

By Odet Garcia Updated: 07/09/2022 Posted: 05/03/2020

Used car auctions are a very affordable option for buyers interested in purchasing a vehicle. Usually, this is the place where they can find different types of cars at wholesale prices. This means that buyers can spend less money in these auctions than in a car dealer. The other advantage is that a wide variety of vehicles is available at used vehicle auctions. This is what we’ll be covering in this article. 

Types of Used Car Auctions

We have mentioned in other articles that there are two main types of auctions: public auctions and dealer auctions. Public auctions are always available to the general public. This means that any type of buyer can attend and purchase a vehicle. On the other hand, dealer auctions are exclusively available to those buyers who have a dealer license. This means that you can only attend and purchase a vehicle if you have a dealer license.

Public Used Car Auctions

Public auctions are available to the general public, as we mentioned before. They are also divided into two kinds of auctions: government and police car auctions and public car auctions. Inventories in government auctions include city and county vehicles like police cars, buses, motorcycles, and utility vehicles. 

On the other hand, inventories in public auctions include repossessed vehicles, insurance cars, and salvage title cars. Public auctions may also include high-end sport cars or SUVs, but this is very rare. 

Dealer Used Car Auctions

Different from public auctions, dealer auctions are not available to the general public. Buyers that are interested in attending these auctions are required to have a dealer’s license. This is because these used car auctions offer vehicles at wholesale prices for dealers to purchase. However, there is a way for all buyers to access these auctions. Some online platforms like Auto Auction Mall offer access to these exclusive dealer auctions.

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In this article, we will be covering used car auctions that are available online. These auctions are included in the dealer auctions group. Now, you’re probably wondering, but how can I attend one if I don’t have a dealer license? Online platforms that give you access to used car auctions already have a dealer license. The way it works is that they are going to attend the car auction for you. Usually, an auction specialist guides buyers throughout the process of placing a bid and purchasing a car. 

Types of Vehicles Available

used car auctions

Buyers that decide to attend used car auctions online, will be able to find different types of vehicles. It is important to know this, and to understand the types of cars that are offered, in order to choose wisely and make a smart decision. So, read this article carefully because we’ve gathered here all the information you need to know.

Used Cars

Most of the time, when we think about used cars, we imagine a vehicle that is worn out and probably damaged. However, it is possible to find used cars that are in like-new conditions. This is why buyers need to keep in mind that under the “used car” category, we can find many different types of vehicles. 

Salvage Title Vehicles

Each used car has a title status. The car title contains all the information about the vehicle and the owner. A car is issued a salvage title by an insurance company and it indicates that the vehicle had some kind of damage in the past. The insurance company then decides that it is more expensive to repair it and declares it as a “total loss”. However, these cars can be repaired and, depending on the state, they can be issued a new title.

Buyers can find salvage title vehicles at used car auctions. If you’re a car-savvy buyer and know how to repair a car, these types of cars might be a good option for you. If not, there are also other options available that don’t have a salvage title.

Used Car Auctions

If you’re in the look for used cars at wholesale prices, then these auctions are a great option for you. The types of vehicles available can be a good fit for your needs and your budget.