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How to Land Great Deals in an Auction and Save on Costly Repairs

Are you looking to save on your next ride?
Auto auctions are a great way to land great deals without breaking the bank. Although landing great deals in an auction can …

1 month ago
More Customers with Good Credit are Opting for Used Cars

In 2018, over 39.5 million used cars were sold. This was a slight increase from the 2017 sales of 39.3 million units. Unlike the growth in the sales of used …

4 years ago updated 05/23/2019
What is The Best Used Car to Buy Under $3000?

It may be hard to believe that you can buy a good used car for less than $3000, but it’s true. It is possible to get cheap used cars, but …

4 years ago updated 05/19/2022
Los 10 Carros Nuevos Más Económicos en EEUU en el 2019

Al inicio de cada año, los compradores de carros nuevos siempre buscan qué modelos lanzarán los fabricantes de autos. Sin embargo, el costo de los carros suele ser un factor …

4 years ago
5 Safe Used Cars for Less than $8,000

The newer the car, the safer it is, right? Certainly, new cars have the latest technology in safety features that can help make them more resistant in an event of …

4 years ago updated 05/23/2019
Report: The Used Car Market of 2018

At the start of 2018, according to the Wall Street Journal’s used car market report, sales were expected to increase to 39.5 million cars. In 2017, 39.3 million used car sales …

4 years ago updated 05/23/2019
On a Budget? Top 8 Used Cars for Sale UNDER $5,000

Wait, what? Used cars for sale UNDER $5,000? You read that right. You can get yourself into a nice, used car for less than you expected. And we are not …

4 years ago updated 05/23/2019
Cómo Identificar Problemas Después de Comprar un Carro Usado

Al comprar un carro usado, puede sentirse inclinado por uno en particular que se ajuste a su presupuesto o que no necesite muchas reparaciones. Sin embargo, un carro usado no …

4 years ago
10 Errores que Debe Evitar al Comprar un Carro Usado

Todos hemos comprado algo sin pensarlo correctamente. Y todos hemos experimentado algún tipo de “remordimiento del comprador” hasta cierto punto. Los consumidores toman decisiones equivocadas sobre la compra de carros …

4 years ago
Looking for a Used Luxury Sedan? Here are Some of Your Options

If you are interested in a luxury sedan, but the price of a new one is a little steep for you, there are used luxury sedans you can get at …

4 years ago updated 07/09/2022
Auctions are Gaining in Their Share of the US Used Car Market

The used car market share in the US has increased dramatically in the past couple of years. In 2017, approximately 40 million used cars were sold in the US. During …

4 years ago updated 05/23/2019
Todo lo que Necesita Saber sobre Comprar un Carro Usado

Si está buscando comprar un carro usado, en algún momento encontrará vehículos usados y certificados, como también simplemente usados. Pero, ¿hay alguna diferencia? Si es así, ¿cuál es esa diferencia?
Necesita …

4 years ago updated 07/26/2022
Formula E Cars Up For Sale

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) set out on a mission to reinvent racing when it conceived the all-electric Formula E series. The first race took place in 2014 in Beijing.
After …

4 years ago updated 08/23/2022
Top Five Cars Perfect for Ride-Sharing Services in Nigeria

Considering taking up a side-job as an Uber or Taxify driver in Nigeria? Great idea! Many young professionals and middle-class Nigerians are doing so already and are making substantial secondary …

4 years ago updated 07/09/2022
Used Car Prices Increase Amid Rising Auction Volumes

Usually seen as slow months in the United States used car market, June and July have seen a significant increase in sales volumes of used cars. The increasing volumes also …

5 years ago updated 07/09/2022