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How to Extend The Lifespan Of Your Used Car in an Expensive Economy

In the past few years, inflation has been on the rise and the cost of living has skyrocketed. The pandemic had caused unforeseen disruptions to the supply chains but many …

2 months ago
Car Auctions: What Cars Can I Go For at The 2023 Auctions?

Over decades, car auctions have been a safe haven for awesome car deals with a wide inventory of various options. Whether you want to experience the thrill of in-person bidding …

2 months ago
Top 8 4-Cylinder Used Cars You Should Consider Buying in Auctions

Shopping for a new ride on a tight budget? No worries, we’ve got you covered.
Years back four-cylinder vehicles were associated with being underpowered. But modern four-cylinder vehicles are breaking the …

9 months ago
Buyer Tips: 5 Most Important Parts to Replace After Buying Used Vehicle

Just purchased a used car or about to?

The excitement of finally getting the car of your dreams cannot be replaced. 
However, you need to manage your excitement by retraining yourself from …

9 months ago
Why Is the Price of Used Cars Skyrocketing in Nigeria?

Looking to get a used car in Nigeria? 

As you have noticed, the price of used cars have skyrocketed in the last few months. This is not good news for the …

9 months ago
Fraud Alert! Avoid Check Engine Light Tape Scam When Buying Used Cars

Who wouldn’t like to make a quick buck?
But it becomes fraudulent and by extension a crime when in a bid to make money or sell a car, individuals or dealers …

9 months ago updated 07/05/2022
Online Car Auctions: The Reality of Run & Drive Vehicles in Used Car Auctions

Buying a dream car should be easy and cheap right?
That’s why today, online car auctions are steadily9 replacing traditional auctions. With the aid of the internet, this has made auctions …

9 months ago
Buyer Tips: Top 5 Most Reliable Used Cars Under 3000

If you’re on a tight budget, buying a brand new car might not be an option…and this is where used car auctions sometimes are lifesavers!
Yes, they are used…but being able …

10 months ago
How Can I Get Good Deals From An Abandoned Car Market?

We know what the word abandoned means – when it comes to cars it could mean a bunch of different things.
Vehicles are termed abandoned for different reasons – some are …

10 months ago
Top 5 Ways to Save Money At Car Auctions 

Car auctions can be overwhelming and a money-eating experience if you don’t know the ropes; especially for newbies and sometimes, even experts who miss a step and can end up …

10 months ago
Is It Safe To Purchase Junk Yard Cars For Sale?

When you hear the term Junkyard, what comes to your mind?
Even if you have not been to one, I believe you are familiar with the term. You may also beagle …

10 months ago
Salvage Car Facts Debunked! Top 4 Misconceptions About Salvage Title Car

Buying a new vehicle can be super expensive, leading many people to look for other options like used vehicles. To save money further – people started looking to buy a …

11 months ago
Used Cars: Is It Worth Purchasing  A Biohazard Vehicle?

Wholesale auctions have always had a wide range of vehicles giving clients a range of options to source their inventory…for a fraction of the retail price too. At the same …

12 months ago updated 07/26/2022
10 Cool Car Upgrade That Can Improve Value and Sophistication

Are you looking to upgrade your vehicle?
Modifying your car improves the value, aesthetics, and performance of your car. A lot of upgrades are legally allowed but others, if not checked …

1 year ago
Looking For a New Project? 7 DIY Steps to Motorcycle Restoration

Looking for a new hobby?  Try motorcycle restoration!
You should note that this hobby can be time-consuming and may eat into your bank balance a little bit. Luckily patience is key …

1 year ago