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Used Cars: Is It Worth Purchasing  A Biohazard Vehicle?

By Daisy Emah-Emah Updated: 07/26/2022 Posted: 04/08/2022

Wholesale auctions have always had a wide range of vehicles giving clients a range of options to source their inventory…for a fraction of the retail price too. At the same time, these vehicles come with different titles ranging from salvage, clean or clear title. For salvage title vehicles,  the damages involved may range from mechanical, electrical, hail, biohazard, and more. 


Used vehicle auctions have more pros than cons, especially considering the savings and huge inventory you have access to. But there is a downside to this as well, – especially with documentation and listed damages. When you don’t have adequate knowledge of what they mean. 


In this article, we will explain biohazard vehicle damage status and how they may affect your purchase decision. 


Any biological or chemical substance that may be harmful to humans is a biohazard substance. These may include harmful chemicals, explosives, human tissue, fluids, etc. 


So What Makes a Vehicle Biohazard at an Auction?

At one point in the life, a biohazard vehicle was exposed to body fluids or even human remains. Considering the fact that some auction vehicles were involved in some form of accident, it is not uncommon to find blood patches in salvage title or accident vehicles.



In rare cases, these vehicles might have been involved in an accident or incident that led to the loss of life, limbs, or some minor injury of some sort.  Upon discovery of such at the auction or by the insurance company, this automatically qualifies the vehicle to be marked as a biohazard/chemical damage in an auction. 


Biohazard vehicles may also come filled with trash, nasty stains, and mounds. Also, vehicles that were flooded, developed poisonous molds and horrible smells that may trigger allergies or respiratory problems are biohazards.  


Buying a Biohazard Vehicle

It’s unfortunate if the death of a human being led to the vehicle being a biohazard. But you can land a swell deal and be the new home of the vehicle. You can find your dream car in top-notch condition but a biohazard vehicle. 


Run a VIN check or vehicle history report to get information about the condition of the vehicle. The vehicle history report has information on the title, accidents (if any), repairs, damages, etc. 



If you want detailed information about the current condition of the vehicle, you can request a physical inspection. This costs more but you will have a more detailed report on the vehicle’s condition. 


We recommend having the vehicle cleaned properly, deeply, and serviced before getting behind the wheel. Biohazardous substances are harmful to humans and may remain so, even long after the incident. We recommended you hire professionals to do the cleaning for you. 


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