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What are the Best BMW Models?

By Odet Garcia Posted: 09/27/2019

BMW is one of the world’s most renowned luxury car brands. Established in 1916, the brand was initially an airplane manufacturer and then focused on motorcycles after World War I. It wasn’t until 1929 that the famous group released its first automobile. BMW, which stands for Bavarian Motor Works, entered the automotive industry with a small car built under licence from the Austin Motor Company. Today, the group manages BMW, Mini cars, and Rolls-Royce.

Now, 90 years later, and with more than 60 models released, BMW represents a clearly defined lifestyle. The beauty of this brand is that there is a car to match various driving personalities. But at the same time, nothing says fun, luxury design, and sporty performance as a BMW car. So, what are the best BMW models?

“The Ultimate Driving Machine”

Presented to the world during the 1970s, the tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine” is considered one of the most remembered and successful marketing campaigns in the world. Baby boomers started to graduate from college and needed a symbol of success and mobility while entering the working class. And BMW delivered cars that had outstanding performance combined combined with fuel-efficiency. 

The group focused on the driver and the experience that the car could give them. The message was clear: you own a machine that can give you functionality, attractiveness and performance. Hence, the slogan quickly built a desired image and owning a BMW was a reflection of aspirations and success. 

The tagline still resonates to this day, even stronger than the slogan “Sheer Driving Pleasure” which was released after that. BMW was conceived as a driver’s car and, although some perceive that there has been some changes, the main purpose of the group is for the driver to have “the ultimate driving machine”. 

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Finding the Best BMW Models For You

We know BMW has been all about the driver for many years. However, it also delivers comfort, luxury, refinement and technology, amongst other characteristics. From sports cars and electric cars to comfortable SUVs, there’s literally an option for everyone. 

Still focused on the best driving experience, the different BMW models include fuel-efficiency, comfort, design, and more importantly, reinvention. Most models are ranked highly in safety, reliability, and owner satisfaction. 

Let’s take a look at the best BMW models throughout the years.

2015-2019 BMW 2 Series 

Safety: IIHS Top Safety Pick

Price: US$33,095 – US$53,395

Fuel Efficiency: 24-29 MPG

2017 & 2018 BMW 3 Series 

Safety: IIHS Top Safety Pick

Price: US$34,445 – US$51,945

Fuel Efficiency: 24-71 MPG

2017-2019 BMW 5 Series 

Safety: IIHS Top Safety Pick

Price: US$52,195 – US$75,445

Fuel Efficiency: 19-72 MPG

2016 & 2017 BMW X1

Safety: IIHS Top Safety Pick

Price: US$35,795 – US$36,745

Fuel Efficiency: 26-27 MPG

2018 & 2019 BMW X3

Safety: IIHS Top Safety Pick

Price: US$43,645 – US$55,645

Fuel Efficiency: 23-26 MPG

2015 BMW X5

Safety: IIHS Overall Good

Price: $54,895 – $71,095

Fuel Efficiency: 18-27 MPG

2015 BMW i3

Safety: IIHS Overall Good

Price: $54,895 – $71,095

Fuel Efficiency: 18-27 MPG