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What Are the Best Buy Auction Cars?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/10/2018 Posted: 10/24/2015

If you’re thinking of buying a car at auction, you’re probably wondering which vehicles are the best buys. Generally speaking, if you research the best buy auction cars on the market, you’ll have a good idea. You don’t have to worry too much about model years.

The most recent recommended models are likely to be the best ones for most recent years as well. With that in mind, let’s talk about the best cars you can buy at auction. This is based on the Kelley Blue Book assessments for recent years. The best cars in their class are as follows.

#1. Best Small Car

Honda Civic – well rounded in all areas, superb when it comes to braking and acceleration, high resale value.

#2. Best Midsize Car

Honda Accord – very reliable, stylish and easy to drive, top rated when it comes to safety and great on fuel economy.

#3. Best Full-Size Car

Chevy Impala – priced much lower than other competitors, comfortable ride, great handling, fits five people.

#4. Best Luxury Car

Mercedes-Benz C-Class – great handling, superior styling, luxurious interior with all kind of high-tech advantages including multi-media on dash touch display

#5. Best Sports Car

Chev Corvette – superb style, great handling, high resale value, great fuel economy

#6. Best Electric/Hybrid

Chev Volt – low price, federal tax incentive, cheaper than Toyota Prius

#7. Best Small SUV/Crossover

Honda CR-V – reliable, large interior, great fuel economy.

#8. Best Midsize SUV/Crossover

Toyota Highlander – best features, best drivability, best overall.

#9. Best Full-size SUV/Crossover

Chevy Tahoe – stylish interior, great appearance, seats up to 9.

#10. Best Luxury SUV/Crossover

Acura MDX – great value for the money, lots of features as standard including LED headlights, push-button start, and heated front seats

#11. Best Minivan

Honda Odyssey – family friendly, easy to convert from hauling people to cargo, foldable/removable seats, various trim levels.

#12. Best Pick-up

Ford F-150 – best payload and towing capacity in its class, turbocharged eco-boost engine, fuel efficient.

These are all great deals. But if you feel that a new car isn’t in the budget, consider checking online auctions. You don’t have to be a dealer to attend. In certain dealer auctions, you can use a proxy bidding company that will bid on your behalf, and get you a great new car for far less than you’d expect to pay at a dealership. Remember, you can not void your bid!

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