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What are the Cheapest Cars to Insure?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/23/2019 Posted: 02/27/2019

When buying a car, you must consider more than its price tag. You also need to consider the maintenance costs to see if you can afford to keep it. And you also need to consider the cost of insuring the vehicle. This varies widely from one car to the next. Some of the cheapest cars to insure include mini-vans, small pick-up trucks, small SUV, station wagons and sedans.

Before you settle with one insurance company, you should shop around and find out which insurance company will offer you the best rate. Insurance companies charge different rates for insurance including overhead costs and the history of theft or accidents reported on the car. However, it is also crucial that you consider the credibility of the insurance company you are inclined to use as well as what the policy will actually cover.

Ford F-150 XL

The Ford F-150 XL is an excellent choice if you are looking for a pickup that is cheap to insure. The average cost of insuring this vehicle is $1,120. Insurance companies have different rates, with some charging as low as $800 for the 2017 model.

Nissan Frontier S

You are likely to spend as low as $700 or as high as $1,690 on the Nissan Frontier S in some insurance companies. The 2017 model costs approximately $18,390. When this model is compared to the 2016 model, the cost of insurance is a little lower, with the most expensive insurer asking for $1,545.

Honda Pilot LX

The Honda Pilot LX has been in the market since 2002. It was specially designed for North America. Some of the safety features that influence the cost of insurance in this car include stability control, airbags, anti-lock brakes, and the anti-theft system. Before paying your insurance on this car, find out if you qualify for a discount. The average annual insurance rate is $1,644 or $137 per month.

Ford Edge SE

The average cost of insuring Ford Edge SE is $1,104 a year. Although the rates vary depending on the age and model of the car, this is one of the cheapest cars to insure in the US. But keep in mind that he prices may vary from one insurance company to the next.

Mazda CX-3

If you are considering buying a Mazda CX-3, expect to pay an average of $165 a month on insurance. This car was first introduced to the automobile market in 2016. In 2017, it was featured in the IIHS Top Safety Pick. It earned 5-stars in the crash tests conducted by NHTSA. Some of the safety features that have influenced the rate charged for insurance include rear-cross traffic alert, anti-lock brakes, stability control, anti-theft system, and automatic emergency braking system.

Hyundai Tucson

The base price for the 2019 Hyundai Tucson is $23,000. This car has also had a low theft rate for years. This has influenced the insurance rate of $169 per month.   The 2019 model is featured in the IIHS 2019 Top Safety Pick. It received good ratings in the crashworthiness tests conducted.

Fiat 500X

The Fiat 500x comes with an average insurance rate of $167 a month. Depending on the insurance company you choose to use, your annual insurance fees could be as high as $1,037 or as low as $600.

Honda CRV

It would cost you $195 a month to insure a Honda CRV. The base price for the 2019 Honda CRV is $23,345. This car is featured in the 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick. The excellent safety ratings it received during the crash tests have played a critical role in the cost of insurance of this car.

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Factors that Influence the Cost of Insurance

  • The possible cost of repairs and replacements. This is factored in the premium that car owners pay for comprehensive or collision coverage.
  • Issues reported on the model of the car. Insurers are informed of any possible problems a particular type of car has. If you need insurance, you will not be turned away. However, since the risks are higher, the cost of insurance is equally high.
  • Your credit score influences the perception insurers have of your request for a cover. If you have a low credit score, you are likely to be charged a higher premium.
  • The calculated risk from your profession influences the risk attached to your car. For example, if you will be on the road making deliveries, your premium is likely to be higher than someone who works from home.
  • In the event of an accident, a small car is likely to have more significant damage than a large one. The premium charged on a small car is sometimes higher because of the risk factor. However, cars with large powerful engines tend to be charged much higher premiums than those with smaller engines. Insurers approach the charge differently.
  • It costs more to replace newer cars than older ones. The age of the car plays a significant role in the cost of insurance. Although the cost of repair for an old and new car is the same, for an old car, the cost of repairs could easily be higher than the value of the car.
  • Results after crash tests. A car that receives great scores is likely to have a lower insurance cost compared to one that carries greater risk.

Several factors influence the final cost of insurance on cars. You also play a significant role in how much you spend on car insurance. If you have a record of being a reckless driver, you are likely to pay more in coverage since the insurance company looks at you as a liability. It is essential to find out the rates from as many insurance companies as you can before making a decision.