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What Are The Most Popular Used Cars At Auction?

Date: 10/22/2015 |Category: Buyer Tips, Car Auctions, Used Cars

Without a doubt, there are several types of cars that stand out among the crowd at a car auction. The favorite cars can change at any time, but these vehicles have proven to be popular cars over the years.

However, these car makes are popular for a reason. See what makes these vehicles stand out in the crowd.

The Cars

  1. Ferrari. According to CNBC, Ferrari dominates the car auction field. All of the top five cars are Ferrari and most of the 10 ten are as well. Anyone who has ever seen a Ferrari can see why it is a popular choice, but there are other reasons for this as well. The vehicles look great and run great. It is the ideal choice for someone looking to make a statement in the market. They are muscle cars that perform the way they claim. Some popular models are the Marque, the 275 GTB/C Speciale, and the California Spider.
  2. Plymouth. Plymouth also makes muscle cars, which is a big reason why they are popular at car auctions. Not only are they muscle cars, but they are iconic American muscle cars. They definitely make a statement. Plymouth still makes some great vehicles, but there is nothing like a classic, which is what is typically found in car auctions all over the world. They tend to go for a lot of money at auction, but are definitely worth every cent. Some popular models are the Road Runner, the Barracuda, and the Duster.
  3. Lamborghini. This make is special because you are able to find both vintage and modern models at any car auction. They are built for speed and are easy on the eyes. They have been designed better than many other models and some say that they were before their time, meaning they were innovative vehicles. Both today and in years prior, the Lamborghini is a prestigious vehicle. Some popular models are the Gallardo, the Aventador, and the Murcielago.
  4. Chevrolet. This is an American classic and there are many different options when looking for Chevrolets. You can find convertibles as well as trucks that are coming to auction. Most of these are vintage vehicles, but not all of them. However, one this is for sure: people who love Chevys tend to love nothing else. Some popular models include the Impala, the Corvette Stingray, the Bel Air, and the Nova.
  5. Ford. Ford is definitely a rival of Chevrolet. This is another American classic and they have a wide range of models that go up for auction every year. You can find both vintage and recent models of Ford at pretty much every auction you find. They are very popular. If you are a Ford lover, then you probably are all about Fords. Some popular models would be the Model A, the Mustang, and the Thunderbird.
  6. Pontiac. Pontiac is a common name that you hear at car auctions. One great thing about Pontiac owners is that the people bringing them to auction are doing some pretty innovative things to the vehicles before they are sold. Recently, the world’s first transparent car was sold at auction: it was a Pontiac. Pontiac has some great concept cars that stand out in the crowd and are definitely vehicles that are prized possessions. If you find a concept Pontiac car at an auction, you will likely want to make a bid. Popular models would include the Firebird, the Grand Prix, and the Trans Am.

Do Your Research

There are many options to be found at car auctions both online and in person. With so many vehicles going to auction, it can be easy to get lost in the options. However, there are pros and cons to each vehicle and you will hear something different from almost every person you speak to. This is based on their personal opinions as well as knowledge of the vehicles.

When going to an auction, it is best to learn about the vehicles and make your own opinions. One person who loves Chevrolet will tell you they buy nothing else and that Ford is a joke, but you can also find someone to say the opposite. These are the top makes at auction, but you can choose your favorites based on your knowledge and personal criteria.

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