What Are the Pros of Buying a Used Nissan Rogue?

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/22/2018 Posted: 11/29/2017

Those who are looking for used SUVs have quite a few choices, which become apparent as soon as you start to look for Nissan used cars for sale. Those who are buying locally, and those who are buying through online sites and auction sites can find some wonderful SUVs, and one that tends to stand out in the crowd is the 2015 Nissan Rogue. This is a very dependable vehicle that has plenty of room for seating, and a good amount of space for storage. It also has a range of optional features, which you will want to watch for when you are looking through the used options.

The vehicle can provide a lot of value, and it has the potential to last for a long time when taken care of properly. The design of the vehicle is aesthetically pleasing, and it looks sleek when you are driving down the road. Let’s look at some of the reasons that you might want to put the 2015 Nissan Rogue on your list of vehicles when you are searching through the used cars for sale.

What Makes the Nissan Rogue a Good Choice?

The Rogue has a wonderful design that is sturdy and dependable, as well as pleasing to look at. It has an upscale appearance and feel, both outside of the vehicle and inside. The Rogue used Nissan for sale can hold five passengers, but it also has the option to carry up to seven passengers. Thanks to the interior design, you will still have plenty of room available for carrying cargo when the third-row seating is in place.

When you don’t have the third-row seating in place, you will have even more room for carrying cargo. In fact, you can divide the storage area into 18 different configurations, which should make it easy to carry just about anything that you can imagine. It features closed compartments, shelving, and more.

You will also notice that the quality of materials used on the interior is quite nice, even on the base vehicle. The instrument cluster is easy to read and is nicely designed. The upholstery is soft, and the armrests are padded. The seats are nice and comfortable, and those who are sitting in the second row will also find that their seats are maneuverable.

While the interior is great, you probably want to have a vehicle that rides smoothly, as well. The Nissan Rogue provides a nice and smooth ride when you are on the highway, and the vehicle features stability and traction control for all the trims. The vehicle is packed with other safety features, too. It includes side curtain airbags, front airbags, hill start assist and a rearview camera as a part of the standard equipment. The vehicle has some optional features that you may want to look for in your used Rogue, as well. These include features such as lane departure and blind spot warnings, forward collision alert, and a 360-degree camera that’s on top of the vehicle.

When buying an SUV, one of the common questions for those who are buying new and used is the fuel efficiency. Large vehicles have a reputation for going through fuel quickly. However, the Rogue tends to have great fuel efficiency with 26mpg in the city and 33mpg on the highway. Those who have an AWD package will find that the mileage drops, but it is still impressive.

The Rogue features a four-cylinder 2.5-liter engine with 170hp. You may notice that this is not as much as some of the other SUVs in the category, and the acceleration might not be as great, but it still functions very well.

Is the Rogue Right for You?

As you sort through the used cars for sale, you will want to look at the features that are available for the Rogue that you are considering. Does it have all the options and features that you want, or is it bare bones? Regardless, it can still provide you with a good vehicle that’s reliable and rugged enough to last. As always, when you are buying used vehicles, be aware of the mileage of the vehicle and the condition before committing.