What Are the Top Pros and Cons of Online Car Sales? 

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/26/2022 Posted: 10/16/2015

If you are thinking about buying a vehicle, then you are probably already dreading spending all of that time wandering around in used car lots. Fortunately, there is another option. You may want to consider online car sales.

Benefits of Online Car Sales

When you are shopping in your local area for a vehicle, you have a limited number of vehicles from which you can choose. Once you take away all of the vehicles that don’t meet your needs and wants, it limits the selection further. Online car sales can help you find vehicles from anywhere in the world. The selection is nearly limitless.

You can shop online around the clock. The doors are never closed. You can always check out the vehicle photos and descriptions. It’s often easier to compare vehicles online as well. You have all of the information on the cars and trucks right in front of you, so it can lead to making a better decision when you are buying a vehicle.

Online car sales also ensure you don’t become the victim of high-pressure sales tactics, which are a serious problem at many used and new car dealerships. You never feel obligated to sign a contract.

Drawbacks of Online Car Sales

Even though there are plenty of pros to buying a vehicle entirely online, you will find that there are some disadvantages as well. It’s up to you to determine whether these disadvantages are enough to make you want to stick to traditional car shopping or not.

One of the first disadvantages is the fact that you are only looking at the vehicle online. Whether you are going through an online auction or buying through a dealer online, you will not have actual “hands-on” time with the vehicle.

Many people like to open the doors, sit in the driver’s seat, and give the tires a kick before they decide if they want to buy. The descriptions and photos can go a long way in helping to curb this problem, but some out there still want to be able to interact with the vehicle before parting with their money.

Another one of the disadvantages is that it’s not always easy to negotiate when you are online, so it’s not always easy to talk a dealer into a better price. If you are buying through an online auction, this shouldn’t be a problem, since there isn’t really any negotiating with those online sales – it’s all about the bidding.

What’s Right for You?

Even though online car sales are the way of the future for many, it doesn’t mean that it is right for you. Maybe you prefer the traditional method of buying. You should buy using the process that makes you more comfortable.

However, don’t simply discount the idea of online car sales because it’s new to you. Whether it is an online auction or an online dealer, it could be a great opportunity to find a fantastic car.

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