What Cars Are Best to Bid Upon in Online Dealer Auto Auctions?

By Mike Richards Posted: 08/14/2017

When you open up your search for a vehicle to online dealer auto auctions, you’ll have an incredible degree of choice at your fingertips. Better yet, you’ll be opening up the possibility of saving thousands of dollars on the purchase of a vehicle.

Still, when you access dealer auctions online, the process for buying a car is much different than going through a dealer. For this reason, many new bidders may wish to stay in the ‘safe zone’ when it comes to selecting vehicles for purchase. For this reason, we’re going to take a look at three categories of cars that are the best for newcomers to dealer auctions.

New Cars that Have Been Repossessed

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to buy a brand new car in a dealer auction online. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find vehicles that are in like-new condition.

Many cars that end up on the auction block were subject to repossession by a dealer or lender. In some cases, these vehicles may be in almost brand new condition. This will happen when someone purchases a vehicle and fails to make their initial car payments. Because the vehicle has been sold and driven, it’s technically considered used, even if it only has a few hundred miles on the odometer.

Salvage Cars that Were Recovered from Theft

When looking through the inventory of cars available in dealer auctions online, you’ll encounter lots of salvage cars. Many newcomers make the mistake of writing these vehicles off. They incorrectly assume that each of these cars is a junk vehicle that’s been excessively damaged in a collision or other calamity.

In fact, some salvage cars can be in excellent condition. For example, consider an incident involving vehicle theft. A car is stolen, and then an insurer pays out the policy to the insured. That same vehicle is then subsequently recovered by authorities and given back to the insurer. Because the vehicle’s policy has been paid out, it must be designated as salvage – even if there’s no physical damage. Needless to say, a car like this could be a heck of a deal!

Used Cars with Attractive Vehicle Histories

When using online dealer auto auctions, you’ll want to research the history of any car you’re serious about bidding upon. After requesting the history report through a third party, go over that report with a fine-tooth comb. When you discover a car that’s had few (or only one) previous owner, who kept up with payments and registration, you may have a winner. This is doubly true if the vehicle has been housed in a place – like an arid climate – that’s good on vehicles.

Consult with Your Auction Specialist for Assistance

The above three categories are the best for dealer auction newcomers to bid upon. But, really finding a great deal requires casting a wide net. For this reason, be sure to lean on the expertise of the auction specialist assigned to you. He or she can point you in the direction of cars offering great value, ensuring you find something that’s right for your budget and needs.