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What does the Manheim Market Report (MMR) mean in Car Auction?

By Auto Auction Mall Team Updated: 06/08/2022 Posted: 11/26/2018

Manheim Market Report (MMR)

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MMR in the car business stands for Manheim Market Report, an indicator of wholesale prices.

Manheim is a company established in 1945 as a car auction company. It has grown into a very reputable company. Also, MMR is a baseline tool for wholesale car price determination. They base their price calculations on over 10 million transactions over the past 13-month period.

These prices are also some of the most accurate all around and have a 24-hour refresh frequency. Even though the company itself notes that large volumes of data remove personal opinion and bias from price calculations. With the huge amount of data also being also processed without any statistical interpretation.

MMR also provides its users with the following in addition to the basic information

  • pricing projections,
  • transactions listings,
  • auction listings
  • summary information and
  • a range of reports based on user’s selection

You can also run quick research on vehicles based on country, region, year, make, model, and style with MMR. This is done by displaying recent transactions and summary values gotten from transactions.


How to Search in Manheim Market Report

You can run a search on MMR using either of the steps

  • Enter a full VIN or just the first 10 digits.
  • In the Description fields, you can choose the year, make, model, style, and also the region
  • In the Option fields you can also select the region and if want it seasonal adjusted


Benefits of Using MMR

For the buyer:

  • Complimentary access makes it easy to get pricing data
  • Comprehensive transactional data deliver make, model, and also trim-level insights
  • Also, easy access to the Manheim marketplace gets you from vehicle valuation into the sale
  • Finally, Estimated Retail Value, is based on actual advertised retail prices. This helps evaluate the potential inventory


For the seller

  • Values are complemented by recent, actual transactions. This also helps with pricing your vehicles
  • Accurate market pricing increases the chances of selling vehicles
  • Also, 30-day average prices let you see how a vehicle’s value is trending


Finally, the Manheim Market Report has been improved with a new data-rich interface. This allows for more accurate vehicle valuations on the platform.


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