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What If a Car Without Comprehensive Insurance Is Stolen?

Date: 10/24/2015 |Category: Car Insurance

Imagine this scenario. Your car is parked outside your home. You didn’t bother with insurance, because you weren’t driving it. Now, it’s been stolen. Can you do anything to recover the value of the car?

What Is Comprehensive Insurance For?

Your comprehensive insurance covers you for events other than public liability and property damage. This is a type of insurance that covers you if you injure someone or cause damage to property as a result of your actions while driving. It doesn’t cover you for losses due to things like fire or theft. Without comprehensive coverage, there really isn’t a whole lot that your insurance company can do for you if your car is stolen.

What Should I Do?

The only way that you can be compensated for the loss of your vehicle if you don’t have comprehensive insurance is if the person who stole your car is found and convicted in court. Then you could conceivably sue the thief, but even if the court found in your favor, it’s not likely that you’d ever be able to recover. This is simply because people who steal cars don’t typically have a whole lot of money, or assets that can be seized and sold in order to compensate you for the loss of your car.

Most people who have vehicles parked in their yard are not carrying insurance, unless the car is a valuable classic. This can be a huge mistake. Comprehensive coverage is not usually all that expensive, and if you value your car at all, it’s worth keeping in case your car is stolen or vandalized. Keep in mind, too, that natural disasters can occur. You might not be driving your car, but what if it’s parked in your car and a windstorm ends up dropping a tree on it?

If you ever intend to drive your vehicle, you should at bare minimum have public liability insurance on it. And if you care about the vehicle, you’ll want comprehensive. For that matter, if your car is just sitting in your driveway and you have no intention of ever using it, why are you keeping it?

Comprehensive coverage can protect you if your car is stolen. So even if it’s just sitting in your yard, you should protect it. Otherwise, you could end up with no protection at all if it’s stolen and written off. A car, even if it’s not being driven, is a valuable asset, so protect it.

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