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What is The Luxury Brand For Hyundai?

By Auto Auction Mall Team Updated: 06/08/2022 Posted: 11/27/2018

Hyundai Motor Group, based in South Korea, has established itself as a reliable car manufacturer. Hyundai cars are less expensive, more comfortable, and well-built when compared to their competition.

In order to enter the luxury market, the company decided to establish its own luxury car division. Although this was difficult with the Hyundai brand alone.

It all started in 2004 when Hyundai unveiled its plans to build a luxury sedan. It actually turned into a luxury coupe, the Hyundai Genesis, which went into production from 2008 to 2016.

However, in 2015, Hyundai decided to make Genesis its standalone marque, bringing in a team of former high-ranking names from the likes of Lamborghini, Volkswagen Group, BMW M performance division, Bentley, and even Bugatti.

Hyundai Genesis is a luxury model that provides a new platform for people-centered mobility.

Hyundai Luxury Brand, Genesis’s key aspects are:

  • Human-focused Innovation
  • Refined and balanced performance
  • Athletic elegance in design
  • Hassle-free customer experience


As said by the Vice-Chairman of Hyundai Motor Company, Euisun Chung, “We have created this new Genesis brand with a complete focus on our customers who want smart ownership experiences that save time and effort, with practical innovations that enhance satisfaction. The Genesis brand will fulfill these expectations, becoming a market leader through our human-centered brand strategy.”


Hyundai Genesis


The first model launched under the Genesis brand was the G90 and the brand has ranked the highest in J.D. Power’s initial quality rankings.


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The G90 model is followed by the G80. For the year 2019, Genesis already unveiled its G70 sport sedan. The vehicle’s price will start at $34,900 MSRP.


Hyundai Motors has grown exponentially since its inception in 1967, and it now ranks as one of the world’s leading automakers.

Its luxury lineup has brought in new customers and increased its competitiveness. Genesis model is an opportunity for Hyundai lovers to experience the premium value of Hyundai cars.


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