What Should You Look for in a Used Kia Sportage?

By Mike Richards Updated: 06/14/2022 Posted: 12/25/2017

What type of Kia used cars for sale is right for you? The answer to this question is going to be different for everyone. But you will find that certain types of vehicles can be good choices for many different sorts of buyers. The Kia Sportage happens to be one of those vehicles.


Why Choose a Kia Sportage?

In the earliest days of this vehicle, the Sportage tended to be boxy and not very comfortable to drive. However, as the years have passed, things have changed. Over the past decade or so, there have been some rather impressive changes made to the Sportage, and the used versions of the vehicle have become very popular. They tend to be roomier than they once were, and they are more comfortable and reliable.

The LE and EX trim featured a 2.4-liter four-cylinder 176hp engine, with some of the newer models updated to 182hp. The SX trim offered a 2.0-liter engine with 260hp. The front-wheel-drive came standard on the vehicle, but there was the option for all-wheel drive, as well. All the models were six-speed automatics. Of course, for the LX trims, there were quite a few interesting features. These included things such as satellite radio and alloy wheels. Some of the other options and features that were available include leather upholstery, rearview cameras, navigation, and more.

There are plenty of other things to love about the Kia Sportages that are hitting the used market over the past couple of years. The interiors of the vehicles tend to be nicer and more aesthetically pleasing than they once were. They have contoured seats for the driver and passengers, and the vehicles offer up plenty of headroom, as well as legroom.

When you get out on the road in one of these vehicles, you will be happy with the handling and performance it offers. Again, the newer used Kia for sale that is on the used car market is not the Sportages of yesteryear. These have the handling and steering that you want from a vehicle, and since it is used, it is in an affordable package.

Many people could benefit from this type of vehicle. Those who have families, for example, will love the additional space it provides when compared to something such as a traditional sedan. You can fit into the vehicle more comfortably, and it does have some cargo room. The vehicles are good for city life and hauling kids around, but they can be helpful for those who want to get out and take a road trip or those who want to take a vehicle to the mountains.

Best of all, the models from the last several years also happen to look great, so you can be sure you have a stylish ride. It tends to be a good option for many different types of people, and it might be right for you. Of course, you have to put in the effort to make sure you are getting the very best vehicle for your budget and needs.


Find the Best Kia Sportage

When looking for a used Kia Sportages for sale, always check the trim and features that it has available. These elements will affect the selling price of the vehicle.

Those vehicles that have more features will naturally have a higher price point even in the used car market. 

As long as nothing else is wrong with the vehicle.

When you’re looking at used cars for sale, you need to know what is and is not a good deal. For the Kia Sportage, you will want to consider the features and options that are available in the vehicle. Compare the vehicle you are considering with other Kia Sportages you find for sale locally or online. What does each of the vehicles offer in terms of features? What is the mileage for the vehicles? Does the condition of the vehicle warrant the price?

The Kia Sportage can be a fantastic used vehicle. However, you need to put in the research to make sure it is worth the price that’s being asked for the vehicle before you spend your money.