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What Type of Car Should I Buy in Accra, Ghana?

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/26/2022 Posted: 11/08/2018

Before buying a car, there are various factors you need to consider. These include the price of the car against your budget, fuel consumption of the vehicle, the model of the car and features you would like in the car you buy. Another thing you need to consider when purchasing a car in Accra is the availability of spare parts. Some brands of cars are not popular because parts are not readily available or are too expensive. So what type of car should I buy in Accra?

However, despite the challenges that come with choosing the car to buy in Accra, there are several that have proved popular with the residents.

Low Fuel Consumption Cars

Accra is one of the cities in Africa that experience heavy traffic during peak hours. This makes running vehicles expensive, especially on a tight budget. Instead of buying a car you will not afford to drive, it is best to buy a car with low fuel consumption.  Several car sellers are selling hybrid cars in Accra. The Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius are popular hybrid cars. If you prefer cars with traditional engines, the Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Accent, and the KIA Rio are great options.

2012 Red Toyota Yaris

Cars With  Cheap and Available Spare Parts

One of the reasons why cars made by Toyota and Nissan are popular on the streets of Accra is because the spare parts of these cars are readily available and are cheaper than most of the other brands. When choosing a car to buy, it is essential to research the availability of the spare parts because, at some point, you will need to replace some parts of the car. It will be unfortunate if you end up parking your car as you wait for spare parts to be brought in from another country because the parts are not readily available in Accra.

Spacious Family Friendly Cars

If what you need is a spacious and convenient car that sits at least 7 people comfortably, the Honda Odyssey is a great choice. Just like other vehicles, there are some mini-vans that are more fuel efficient than others. Apart from the Honda Odyssey, the Toyota Sienna is another fuel-efficient family van. The RAV 4 is a small yet excellent family car. If you need something more substantial, the Toyota Highlander is a great option.

Toyota Sienna

A Car That Has a High Ground Clearance

If you buy a car with low ground clearance, you may not be able to drive it in certain areas of Accra. This is because some roads are not easy to access with a car with low ground clearance. Instead of having your movement curtailed because you have an inadequate car, it may be best to buy a car that can move on almost all roads in Accra. The Hyundai Kona is a great car with high ground clearance despite its small size. The KWID Authentique, KWID Expression, and Dynamique Trim are cars specially made for Ghana by Renault. They have the right ground clearance for the roads in Accra, are fuel efficient and have a great interior space.

A Car That Suits Your Needs

Before buying a car, you need to ask yourself if you need that specific vehicle. For example, if you pick a seven-seater, what is the likelihood you will ever have that many people in the car? It would also be unwise to buy a small car if you have a big family. If you need a car for personal use as well as for business, you need one that can meet both needs without forcing you to rent a car when you need the space to carry items for your business. In short, take your specific needs in consideration when choosing your next car.

A Car That Has Great Air Conditioning

Car Repairs

If you are going to drive through Accra and spend a long time stuck in traffic, you need to have a car which has good air conditioning system. On hot days, it will be difficult to drive through the streets of Accra without air conditioning, especially during peak hours when traffic is intense.

Car manufacturers have come to appreciate the needs of the consumers. Today, they endeavor to include features that suit the demands of buyers. It is possible to get a car at a great price with essential functions every driver needs. Driving through Accra is more enjoyable when you love the car you are driving. You can only get this feeling if you are careful when selecting the car to buy. Once you get the right car, you will have no reason to complain when driving it.

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